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Sentences with Homogeneous Parts

Two or more parts of the sentence having the same function and referring to the same part of the sentence are called homogeneous parts of the sentence. They are linked either by means of coordinating conjunctions or asyndetically.

There can be:

1. Two or more homogeneous subjects to one predicate.

From the edge of the bed camea ripple andwhisper. (Wells)

To her extreme relief, herfather andsisters appeared. (Dash- wood)

2. Two or more homogeneous predicates to one subject.

(a)Simple predicates.

That gentlemanstarted, stared, retreated, rubbed his eyes, stared again and finallyshouted: "Stop, stop!" (Dickens)

(b)A compound verbal modal predicate with homogeneous parts within it.

Thousands of sheets must be printed, dried, cut. (Heym)

(c)A compound verbal aspect predicate with homogeneous parts within it.

First he began to understand and thento speak English.

(d)A compound nominal predicate with several predicatives within it.

The sky was clear, remote, andempty. (Wells)

The above mentioned cases do not cover all possible cases of ho­mogeneous predicates.

3. Two or more attributes, objects, or adverbial modifiers to one part of the sentence.

Theunlighted, unused room behind the sitting-room seemed to absorb and even intensify the changing moods of the house. (Bennett) (ATTRIBUTES)

He could imitateother people's speech, their accent, their mannerisms, their tone. (Heym) (DIRECT OBJECTS)

He talkedof Spain, his sunstroke, Val's horses, their father's health. (Galsworthy) (PREPOSITIONAL INDIRECT OBJECTS)

She extended a slender hand and smiledpleasantly andnatu­rally. (Wells) (ADVERBIAL MODIFIERS OF MANNER)

But I saw nothing moving,in earth orsky. (Wells) (ADVERBIAL MODIFIERS OF PLACE)



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