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I. Words and word-combinations to be remembered:


messengers – посланцы

subsidiaries – филиалы

metal-cutting lathes – металлорежущие станки

forge presses – кузнечно-прессовые машины

technical carbon – технический углерод

steam-boilers – паровые котлы

tyres - шины

engines for machinery – двигатели для машин

machines – станки

radio equipment – радиооборудование

cotton and synthetic fibres – хлопок и синтетические волокна

chemical and textile goods – химические и текстильные изделия

foot-wear – обувь

home appliances – предметы домашнего обихода

furniture – мебель

matches – спички

faceted diamonds – изделия из алмазов

lawyer – юрист

the Puppet Theatre – кукольный театр

the Young Spectator's Theatre – молодежный театр

to mark the 100th anniversary – отмечать годовщину

to house masterpieces – находятся шедевры

to render services – оказывать услуги

track-and-field hall – легкоатлетический манеж


II. Read, translate and retell the text:



Barnaul is the capital of the Altai Region. It stands on the left bank of the great Siberian river Ob. It was founded in 1730 by messengers of the Urals factory-owner Akinfy Demidov as the centre of mining industry. Since 1771 it has got the city status.

In former times the development of Barnaul was strongly influenced by the culture of St.Petersburg. History of Barnaul is connected with the life of many celebrities: Ivan Polzunov - a talented mechanics engineer, who invented and built a steam engine, Kozma and Peter Frolov-talented engineers, P.P.Anosov-metallurgist, N.M.Yadrintzev-writer, archeologist and explorer of the Central Asia, V.Ya. Shishkov - engineer and writer etc.

Barnaul was the city of wooden architecture and it has burnt twice. The fire destroyed the greatest part of the town. But some of the buildings have been well preserved in Krasnoarmeisky prospect, Internatzionalnaya and Anatolia streets.

In 1937 Barnaul became the center of the Altai region. The total area of Barnaul is 30847 hectares. About 700.000 inhabitants live in the city. The city is divided into 5 administrative districts: the Central district, the October district, the Railway district, the Lenin district and the Industrial district.

The visiting card of the city is the building of the largest provision store "Under the spire" in October square. But the centre of Barnaul is Soviet square. The Local administration, the Central Hotel, the Central Department store, the Central Post-Office and the Altay State University are situated there.

Along the main prospect of the city there are several educational institutions: the Medical University, the Altai State Technical University, the Altai State University, The University of Law, The Institute of Culture and Arts, the Music school, the Russian-American School, the Technological college etc. There are also the Agrarian and Pedagogical University in Barnaul.

Besides Lenin prospect is a busy shopping street. It stretches through the city for nine kilometers from the River Station to the industrial areas.

Barnaulers are proud of their new motor bridge across the river Ob, transportation loops and roundabout highways, which help to improve the environment of the city.

Barnaul is one of the most highly developed industrial cities of Siberia. The main industrial enterprises produce diesels and metal-cutting lathes, forge presses and technical carbon, steam-boilers and tyres, engines and machines, cotton and synthetic fibres, chemical and textile goods, furniture and matches, faceted diamonds and so on.

Several specialized medical centers operate in Barnaul, using modern equipment and facilities: cardiological, oncological, diagnostic.

There are 5 theatres in the city: The Altai Drama Theatre, the Musical Comedy Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the Young Spectator's Theatre, the Small Musical Theatre and the concert hall with the organ. Every night they open their doors to lovers of drama, musical comedy, classical, pop music and dance. There are many art and musical studios and twelve cinema houses.

The monuments of the city are its history alive. The column called «Demidov's Pillar» was founded to mark the 100th anniversary of mining

industry in the Altai region In Lenin avenue you can see a common grave with the Eternal Fire, which was lit in memory of those who perished in the October revolution and Civil War, and Monument to A.S.Pushkin. The Glory Memorial on Victory Square is dedicated to the solders of the Great Patriotic War.

We have several museums in the city: the Museum of Local History, the Museum of History of Altai Literature, Arts and Culture. The pride of the city is the Fine Arts Museum, which houses quite a few masterpieces by old and modem artists. There are more than 80 libraries in the city. The biggest one is the Regional Library named after V.Shyshkov.

Dozens of sports buildings are at the disposal of our sportsmen: ten stadiums, 163 sporthalls, a special track-and-field hall, a hippodrome and a sport's airfield. The swimming pools «Ob», «Amphibia» and «Аvrога» are popular with the inhabitants. The citizens are proud of the Palace of Sports, where Regional competitions, Exhibitions, Fairs, City celebrations and concert performances are held.

People can go to the Palaces of Culture, to the parks and boulevards, cafes and restaurants or to spend weekend outside the city. The Ob provides fishing for summer months. More than 40.000 families are the owners of private gardens and orchards.

Five hotels and restaurants of Barnaul render services to Barnaul visitors and residents. They are «Altai», «Barnaul», «Central», «Siberia» and «Kolos».

There are 4 stations in Barnaul: the railway station, the airport, the river station and the bus station which connect our city with different parts of our country and abroad.


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