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1. a person who manages

2. a worker skilled at applying plaster

3. a person who gives a job to others

4. a person skilled at making and repairing wooden objects

5. a person who cuts and fits glass

6. a person skilled at sticking wallpaper on the walls of a room

7. a person who builds or works with stone or brick

8. a person or firm that promises to do work at a fixed rate

9. a skilled worker

10. a person whose job is to fit and repair water pipes, bathroom apparatus, etc

Match the English word combinations with the Russian equivalents.

1. to complete on schedule 2. to build a partition 3. to reinforce masonry 4. to apply a varnish 5. to install insulation 6: to supervise a project   7. to install sewerage 8. to relate to construction 9. to apply finishes   10. to apply plaster 11. to select an occupation 12. to glaze a window

a. армировать кладку

b. руководить проектом

c. отделывать поверхность

d. относиться к строительству

e. выбирать профессию

f. закончить по графику

g. наносить штукатурку
h. застеклять окно

i. устраивать изоляцию j. построить перегородку к. прокладывать канализацию 1. нанести лаковое покрытие

Read and translate the following sentences. Pay attention to the meaning of the words and word combinations given below.

I.a) finish v — отделывать

b) finish n — отделка поверхности

c) finisher n — рабочий-отделочник


d) finishing n adj — окончательная отделка; отделочный

e) finished adj — обработанный


I. The wood has a beautiful finish. 2. The finished surface must have a uniform appearance. 3. They showed two good ways to insulate and finish a foundation wall. 4. Sensitive people with allergies or respiratory conditions often request certain finishing materials. 5. A finisher performs the last step in a manufacturing process. 6. After all the interior finishing is done install the carpet so that there is no damage done to it.

II. a) order v — заказывать; приказывать


b) order n — заказ; приказ; порядок

c) in order that — с тем, чтобы

d) in order to — для того, чтобы

e) out of order — неисправный

1. This company is one of the very few places where you can place an order for lumber and related building materials on-line. 2. The house is in good order. 3. We order high quantities at our suppliers in order not to run out of material during a building phase. 4. You will have to obey my orders. 5. In order to give timber a new chance as a construction material, the different research development and marketing programs should aim at quick usage of the new techniques in timber engineering construction. 6. The machine is out of order. 7. He ordered me to stand up. 8. She checked all her figures in order that the report might be as accurate as possible.

III.a) site n — участок, место(положение)

b) on site — на строительной площадке

c) website — сайт в Интернете

d) site v — располагать, выбирать место

1. Protective helmets must be worn on site. 2. The company is trying to decide where to site the new factory. 3. She has a job on

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