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Make the following sentences complete by translating the words and phrases in brackets.

1. The map shows the range of (застройки жилых кварталов) around Manhattan. 2. Technically, а (многоквартирный дом, в котором квартиры находятся 0 частном владении) is a collection of individual home units along with the land upon which (hey sit. 3. Large numbers of (дома рядовой застройки) were puilt in the suburbs of large Australian cities in the 1850s. 4. (Kpo-jne) buying and selling used tracks, the company is also a dealer (or new construction equipment. 5. The decision was taken for political (а не) military reasons. 6. Although steel framing is (схо­жий) traditional framing in the construction process, the construction materials are vastly different, and builders need to be gained to use them correctly. 7. Spacious and dignified apartments fi the (район жилой застройки) are especially exquisite due to jiighly individual desig ner approach. 8. Look up and you will see ^ur building, a tall building with а (остроконечная крыша). 9. ^Несмотря на) being enthusiastic about having a green roof, we rj?ally had no idea how to construct one. 10. Cottage housing provides an option that preserves the privacy and personal space of a (отдельно стоящий жилой дом) in a smaller and less costly upit.

6. Read and translate the following groups of sentences paying a|tention to the words in italics which can function as a noun a^d a verb, or a verb and an adjective, or a noun and an adjective, wjth the same form. They can have siniilar or different meanings. jjWk up your dictionary if necessary.

1. a. The company puts out a large range of building materials,
b. Building styles range from modern to country ones.

с They installed a new electric range.

2. a. These churches date from the l2th century.

b. This construction method is very up-to-date. с I can't read the date on this letter.

3. a. Many families are in need of better housing.

b. That machine should be protected by a metal housing.

c. The main housing problem is in renovation of buildings.

4. a. The shops close on Sundays, b. The house is close to the park, с The two brothers are very close.

5. a. They live in the top flat.

b. The roof of this building is flat. с His car had a flat tyre.

Study the following patterns showing the ways some nouns are formed from adjectives and other nouns. Complete the charts with nouns. Some of the missing words are from the texts of the Unit. Read and translate them into Russian. Use your dictionary to help you with the pronunciation.

Pattern 11 Adjective/Noun + -ian-»Noun

The -iansuffix is used for a person skilled in or studying the stated subject.

Example: technical — технический —> technician — техник

Adjective/Noun Noun






78 I Английский язык для студентов строительных специальностей



Pattern 12 Noun + -ist—> Noun

The -istsuffix is used for a person who studies, produces, plays, or operates.

Example: economics — экономика -> economist — экономист

Noun Noun

science _______________

physics _______________


novel _______________

education _______________

type ______________

Pattern 13 Adjective + -ness-> Noun

The -nesssuffix is used for a condition, quality, or degree of something.

Example: happy — счастливый -> happiness — счастье

Adjective Noun

effective ______________





weak ___________

Pattern 14 Adjective/Noun + -cy-» Noun

The -cysuffix is used for a state or quality.

Example: accurate — точный —> accuracy — точность

Adjective/Noun Noun









1 jg 1 GRAMMAR

8. Use the model verbs must (должен), can (могу, умею), may (можно, разрешено), should (следует /совет/), ought to (следу­ет /упрек/) to complete the sentences. There may be more than one possible answer.

1. It's too far to walk from here to the station. You ... take a taxi. 2. Sarah got the job because she ... speak five languages. 3. The windows are dirty. I ... clean them. 4. You ... use a dictionary. 5.1 like this hotel room. You ... see the lake from the window. 6. It's a good film. You ... see it. 7. He ... take my book. 8. We ... go to the bank today. We have no money. 9. When you are driving, you ... wear a seat belt. 10. We ... see

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