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Passive Voice (contd)

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I. Perfect Tense Forms

Ex 23 Study the following chart.


1. The telegramhas justbeen sent. 2. This househas been built for a year (since autumn). 3. The workhad been done by five o'clock yesterday. 4. Everythingwill have been arranged by the end of the day (by the time he comes back, etc).


Ex 24 Supply the missing part of the analytical form of the verb in the Passive Voice (see the chart above).


1. A lot of houses — been built in our town this year. 2. Don't close the window. It has just — opened. 3. The next morning when I came out, I saw that the streets — been washed out by rain. 4. I didn't know that he hadn't — invited. 5. The construction of the bridge — — been finished before winter comes. 6. His parents — been married five years when he was born. 7. How long has this stadium — built? 8. He went away last year and he — not — heard of ever since. 9. I wondered why he hadn't — taught any foreign language.


Ex 25 Use the Passive Voice according to the model.


Model 1: A: Please, bring some chairs into Room 43.

N: But they have just (or already) been brought.


1. Please, choose the pictures for the show. 2. Please, send him a telegram. 3, Will you buy some bread? 4. Please, give them the instructions. 5. Will you be sending an invitation to them? 6. Can you show your method to the young specialist? 7. Please, return all the books to the library. 8. When will you start cutting the sandwiches for the cocktail party? 9. Will you be waking him up? 10. Please, open the window in the bedroom.


Model2: A: Are you going to send for the doctor?

N: Why, he has just been sent for.


1. Are they going to tell him about the incident? 2. Are you going to invite them to the party? 3. Is he going to pay for the tickets? 4. Is anybody going to speak to the Dean about the matter? 5. Is she going to send this dressing gown to the cleaner's? 6. Are you going to call up for a taxi?

Ex 26 Open the brackets, using the Passive Voice (perfect forms).


1. He was sure that his mistake never (discover). 2. She didn't follow the advice she (give). 3. When she returned, the subject of the conversation already (change). 4. Everybody (send) an invitation? 5. I didn't know that the letter (lose). 6. He said he had never been there but he often (tell) about this place. 7. All the books from the library (return) by the end of term. 8. The invitation (refuse; accept)? 9. It always (know) as a most wonderful place for a holiday. 10. There are books that (not read) for years. 11. When we came to the cinema, all the seats (sell). 12. I never (speak) to like that before. 13. The house was dark and damp inside like any other building which (not live in). 14. When my parents were born, television (not invent) yet.

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