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Mixed Bag. Ex 34 Open the brackets, using the correct form of the verb in the Passive Voice

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Ex 34 Open the brackets, using the correct form of the verb in the Passive Voice.


1. Robert Burns' poems (translate) into lots of languages and always (enjoy and sing) by the people all over the world. 2. In 1896, when gold (discover) in Alaska, Jack London moved there together with thousands of other men. His life in Alaska (describe) in many of his stories. 3. Cricket is England's oldest game and (play) before the Normans came in 1066. 4. They say golf (be born) in Denmark. 5. Golf (play) in the United States as early as 1779. 6. Do you know that tennis (play) more than a hundred years?

Ex 35 Open the brackets, using the correct tense form (active or passive). Retell the passage.


Until a few years ago, you (cannot enter) Nepal except on foot There (be) no roads into Nepal, and no airfields. Anyone who (want) to visit the country (walk) across the mountains, or (carry) by porters. All goods, too, (take) into the country in the same way, along narrow and difficult mountain paths. Sometimes they (lose) on the way.

After people and goods (carry) into and out of Nepal in this way for hundreds of years, the airplane (arrive). An airfield (build) near Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, where small planes (can land) when the weather (allow) it. Passengers and important goods (begin) (take) into and out of Nepal by air. Today, there (be) a regular air-service between Nepal and India, but, of course, heavy or very big goods (cannot put) in the small airplanes which alone (can use) the airfield near Katmandu; and the weather often (make) flying impossible.

Now a road (build) from India to Nepal. It (finish) a few years ago. It (cannot use) by trucks or big cars, but jeeps (can drive) along it if they (go) carefully. In the next few years, the road probably (make) wider and better.

Of course, this road (run) through very beautiful country a lot of which (cover) with thick forest. Great mountains and rushing rivers (cross) as the road (turn) its way up on to the "Roof of the World", as it (call).

(After "An Intermediate Refresher Course" by L A. Hill)

Ex 36 Rewrite (or retell) in narrative form.


A: Hello, John. What's the news? Has the new manager had a talk with the staff of the laboratory yet?

J: He had. If I am not mistaken, it was on Tuesday, but I'm not quite sure. Never mind.

A: What did he say?

J: He started by saying he knew how busy we all were, and he didn't want to take up much of our time.

A: Did he? I mean did he take up much of your time?

J: As a matter of fact, he did not.

A: What is he like as a manager?

J: Hard to say so far. He was frank enough to say that he needed our help and could get nowhere without the staff who had been working in the lab for so long.

A: That was really a frank and brave thing to say, I like that. Did you agree with all his plans?

J: We agreed with some and disagreed with others. What we like about the man is that he feels that great changes are needed and the whole organization of work in the lab wants bringing up to date.

(After "Real Politic" by A. Wilson)

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