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Прочитайте и переведите текст. I’m a second-year student of the Bratsk State University


I’m a second-year student of the Bratsk State University. My future specialty is personnel management.

Personnel management deals with the effective use of skills of people. In a business, personnel management starts with the recruiting of qualified people and continues with directing and encouraging their growth as they encounter problems that arise in working toward established goals.

In addition to recruiting, some of the responsibilities of a personnel manager are:

1. to classify jobs and prepare wage and salary scales;

2. to counsel employees;

3. to deal with disciplinary problems;

4. to develop safety standards and to put them into practice;

5. to manage fringe benefit programs, such as group insurance, health, and retirement plans;

6. to plan and supervise training programs;

7. to be informed of developments in personnel management;

Personnel managers often deal with the following difficult situations concerning the employees:

  • the firm's employees – especially the most qualified ones – can get better jobs with other employers;
  • when a firm has not enough supervisory and specialized per­sonnel with adequate experience and job capabilities, it has to train and develop its own people. This can be time consuming and expensive;
  • the cost of recruiting and training employees at all levels is increasing, for instance, several thousand dollars for a person. A mistake in recruiting or in slow and inefficient methods of training can be costly;
  • most employees want better direct compensation, employee benefits, and working conditions that the firm cannot afford, but other employers can. So, all employee policies and operating pro­cedures should be developed with great care.

The personnel department has the responsibility to define and implement policies, procedures and programs for recruitment, selection, training, placement, safety, employee benefits, compensation, labor relations, organization planning, and employee development.

So effective human resource management develops the abilities of job candidates and employees to meet the needs of the firm.

3. Определите верны или неверны данные утверждения:


1. Personnel Management is related to positive attitude towards the skills of people.

2. Personnel manager encounters problems that arise in working towards established goals.

3. Personnel manager should be well-informed of developments in personnel management.

4. The task of personnel manager is to recruit and to train highly-qualified people to be well-suited to the firm's needs.

5. Creating a good human resource management climate is important for receiving fringe benefits.

Ответьте на вопросы к тексту.


1. What does personnel management deal with?

2. What are the responsibilities of a personnel manager? Name them.

3. What difficult situations concerning the employee can personnel managers encounter with?

4. What are the responsibilities of personnel department?

5. What can happen if the most qualified firm's employees don't have adequate salary?

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