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People are now more concerned about their environment. One of the most serious environmental problems is pollution in its many forms: air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and nuclear pollution.

As the population of large cities continues to grow, pollution problems become worse. The air around us becomes polluted as a result of our own activities. For instance, when coal is burnt, gases and smoke are produced that make the air dirty and unpleasant. The air in big cities is being polluted by traffic and industry. The most dangerous pollutant from cars is lead. Even small amounts can affect the brain and nervous system of people. The number of cars and lorries is growing all the time. On the one hand, they bring mobility to millions of people, but on the other hand, they need bigger, better and more expensive roads, which often ruin the countryside.

Every year the world's industries pollute the atmosphere with about 1,000 million tons of dust and other substances. Some factories release harmful substances all the time as a result of removing wastes from the factory. Other factories may usually produce little or no pollution, but can cause huge problems when there is an accident. Air pollution can cause lung diseases like pneumonia or bronchitis.

Water pollution has become a serious problem because factories also pour poisonous wastes into streams and rivers. Farming can also cause water pollution. The chemicals used by the farmer to protect crops against pests, weeds and disease sometimes get into rivers and kill fish. Although these chemicals are carefully controlled, this still sometimes happen. To make things still worse, many towns pour their sewage straight into rivers with little treatment beforehand.

Oil pollution is like a recurring nightmare. Sea birds like gulls are always the most common victims. Covered in a thick black coating of oil, such birds are unable to fly or feed themselves.

Our land is also polluted because of our activities. Rubbish tips, dumped poisonous chemicals, broken cars, thrown away bottles and dropped sweet wrappers are all types of land pollution. Some types of land pollution are just unpleasant to look. Others can be dangerous for people and for animals. Land pollution is something that we can all help to prevent by not leaving rubbish in the streets or in the countryside.

Although noise is not a chemical and cannot be seen like a broken car, it is a kind of pollution. Noise is all around us, wherever we live, and we do not notice it most of the time. But people living near airports suffer from the noise of larger and powerful jet airliners taking off and landing. Loud noise can make people ill. People who are exposed to loud noises all the time become very nervous and upset. Moreover, they run a risk of going deaf.

The most alarming form of pollution is nuclear pollution. Accidents at nuclear power stations cause dangerous health problems. The waste products can last hundreds of years.


To sum up, pollution of the environment threatens human health. It can lead to different diseases. To make the air and water clean we need good filters and purifying systems.


1. What are the most serious environmental problems? 2. Where does air pollution in the cities mostly come from? 3. What are the reasons for water pollution? 4. How can we prevent land pollution? 5. What are the consequences of noise pollution? 6. Why are nuclear power stations dangerous? 7. What can people do to stop pollution of our environment? 8. How can you personally help to prevent pollution of the environment?


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