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Choosing a Career

In my childhood I wanted to become a very important person such as a famous musician or a president. But now I understand that it's impossible for me because these profes­sions require certain qualities and abilities that I don't possess. But I also understand that there are a lot of other prestigious jobs. And among them are the jobs in economic, tourist or computer fields.A lot of people work in these areas and get a lot of money. Take the profession of a manager, for example. In my opinion, it's a very interesting job because it involves working with people. But to work as a manager you need to be creative, flexible and possess initiative. If you cope with all the challenges of this job, you can be promoted to the position of a director. This job is very responsible. You must be a leader and have administrative skills. Of course, you can become something like a computer programmer or a web designer because computers are an essential part of our everyday life today. They are in any company, bank or school. So we can say that our society needs people who can work with computers and write computer programmes. That's why this profession is so popular today.

On the other hand, it's a very challenging job, because a good programmer or a web designer must be hard-working, have sharp mind and good logical reasoning and also the ability to work to tight deadlines. Besides, working on computer for a long time can cause health problems.

As for me, I would like to become a tourist agent or a holiday representative, because a lot of people travel nowadays. Today tourism is one of the world's largest industries. You will have to deal with the problems and needs of holidaymakers, but you'll also have to know the area you are working in and plan trips and tours that will please everyone.

I think it's a very interesting job. Besides, this profession is highly paid and I want to be able to buy everything I want with my salary. What's more, the perks of this job include free travel and living abroad. But this job requires you to be tactful and to stay calm under pressure.

I can say that I'm very communicative and I like working with people. Besides, I'm very organized and hard-working. What's more, I like travelling and I'm ready to go where the company will send me. So I think I can become a good tourist agent or a tourist manager.

I understand that to make a good specialist in this field, I should have good education, extensive knowledge of the world and experience of travel. And, of course, 1 must know several foreign languages. So after finishing school I will try to enter a university or a college and to continue my education.


1. Which are the most prestigious professions today? 2. What professional field can you work in? 3. What are you good at? 4. Which of your personal qualities will help you in your future profession? 5. Would you choose your parents' professions? 6. What do you know about your future profession? 7. What are the pros and cons of your future profession? 8. Why do you think your future profession is important today? 9. Would you like to become a president? Why? 10. Would you like to work as a cleaner? Why?

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