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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS. IX. Put questions to the words in bold type:

IX. Put questions to the words in bold type:

1. Pain intermittent in occurrence is known to be characteristic of gastric or duodenal ulcers. 2. Under the influence of internal and external stimuli the brain cortex sends impulses to all the organs of the human body. 3. In the majority of cases acute pain in the abdominal cavity may be a clinical manifestation of perforated ulcer.

X. Define the part of speech of the words in bold type and translate them:

1. Numerous branches of small vessels branch off the coronary vessels. 2. Some students of our group have made a marked progress in English that is why their marks are much better now. 3. A bandage was put on the arm to bandage the damaged blood vessels. 4. The patient does not require any preparation to be treated with Adonis preparation. 5. At six sharp the patient felt a sharp pain in the heart area. 6. The treatment resulted in wonderfully good results. 7. Having returned home I took my temperature and noted its return to normal.

XI. Change the sentences using Complex Subject:

1. It is known that spring and autumn are those seasons when the patients with ulcer suffer from the recurrence of the disease. 2. It is considered that constant fatigue, the lesions of the nervous system and past diseases contribute to the onset of gastritis. 3. It appeared that the characteristic clinical manifestations of the disease were haemorrhage, vomiting and nausea.

XII. Use a subordinate clause instead of Complex Subject:

1. Exacerbation of duodenal ulcers is known to occur in spring and autumn. 2. Renal and splenic infarctions are likely to occur in endocarditis. 3. Brain cortex stimuli are considered to send impulses to the stomach and duodenum.

XIII. Finish the sentences according to Text A:

1. The corticovisceral theory of the pathogenesis of ulcer was a further development of.... 2. Male patients at the ages of 25 to 40 are known to suffer from ulcers more.... 3. At the onset of the disease the patients with ulcer complain of pain which is .... 4. According to corticovisceral theory it has been proved that gastric and duodenal ulcers are due to.... 5. It is known that an irregular diet as well as emotional overstrain may.... 6. In young patients the course of ulcer may have no .... 7. The Soviet scientists consider that the lesions of the central and peripheral nervous systems lead to....

XIV. Answer the following questions:

1. What does salt consist of? 2. How much gastric juice is secreted in the stomach within 24 hours? 3. What substances do milk products contain? 4. How many hours may the movement of food in the intestines of a healthy person last?

XV. 1. Read Text B. 2. Name the factors contributing to the development of gastritis. 3. Say about what symptoms of gastritis you have learned from the text:

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