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X. Translate the following word combinations:

congenital heart defects, to result in heart failure, to make an incision on the cardiac wall, to radiate to the back and arm, to undergo the course of X-ray treatment, to prevent the rupture of the blood vessel, to administer an adequate dose of medicine, to complain of a general malaise and fatigue

XI. 1. Give the words of the opposite meaning:

to diminish, suddenly, to be constant, to become worse, changeable, to fall (to drop), to include, malignant, seldom, sufficiency, a gain in weight

2. Give the words of the close meaning:

a symptom, in addition to, to be troubled by, to give attention, to, to pass through, an injury, an impairment, to spread, a return of a disease, to feed, an attack

XII. Choose the appropriate word from those given in brackets:

1. As the condition of the patient had been gradually improving his temperature... considerably, (reduced, rose) 2. Severe attacks of angina pectoris are accompanied by... pain radiating down the arm. (sharp, moderate) 3. If the patient is suffering from rheumatic endocarditis his pulse becomes... on physical exertion, (accelerated, slow) 4. Partial arrest of blood circulation often results in ... to brain cells, (the recovery, the damage)

XIII. Read the pairs of sentences and answer the questions supplying your explanations:

1. The young cardiologist has been investigating the character of heart defects since the beginning of the year. Doctor Sviridov is investigating the character of heart defects. Кто из них начал раньше заниматься исследованием?

2. My mother has been followed up at the polyclinic since the time she was discharged from the clinic. My father is followed up at the polyclinic to prevent the recurrence of the disease. За кем из них наблюдение по поводу отдаленных результатов начато раньше?

XIV. Find Complex Object. Define the forms of the Infinitive Translate the sentences:

1. The physician considered the incidence of heart attacks to be associated with the nervous overstrain. 2. The doctor wants me to have undergone the course of treatment by the end of the week. 3. We noticed the most characteristic symptoms of rheumatic endocarditis have been eliminated since the administration of those preparations.

XV. Translate the following sentences:

1. Сейчас этот больной страдает от острой боли в области сердца. 2. Этот больной страдает от острой боли в области сердца уже целый день. 3. Сердечные шумы постепенно уменьшались в процессе лечения. 4. В течение последних двух недель сердечные шумы постепенно уменьшались.

XVI. Read Text В. Entitle and retell it:

Text В

Some years ago an Italian worker whose name was Pietro Anello fell ill with tuberculosis. He developed a severe form of the disease which was progressing very rapidly. He was administered drug treatment which was ineffective.

An Italian surgeon operated on him twice to arrest the cavity formation in the lungs. But even this measure failed to control the development of the disease. Tuberculosis process continued to develop and the life of the patient was in danger.

The Italian physician refused (отказался) to operate on him for the third time. One of the prominent Italian surgeons told Pietro's relatives that he would die if the third operation was performed.

One day Pietro saw a photograph of the Soviet surgeon Professor Lev Bogush, a well-known Soviet specialist in lung operations. The idea came to Pietro of asking Soviet doctors to perform the third operation. He went to the Italy-USSR Society and asked to help him.

When Pietro Anello came to the Soviet Union Professor Bogush operated on him for the third time. The operation was successful and Pietro's life was saved.

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