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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS. IX. Supply the words of the same root:

IX. Supply the words of the same root:

extensive, exist, node, evidence, various, characterize, contribution, bleed, support, response, impulsive, ulcerous, associate, preventive

X. Recall and supply the most characteristic words to be used with the following nouns as attributes:

tumour, bleeding, node, vomiting, ulcer, manifestation, onset, fever, failure

XI. Choose the appropriate word. Translate the sentences:

1. (Malignant, benign) tumours are known to cause numerous metastases (involving, improving) various internal organs. 2. In the presence of anaemia the red blood cell count is considerably (increased, reduced). 3. Gastric carcinoma appears to be more (common, rare) in the male than in the female.

XII. Define Infinitive functions. Translate the sentences:

1. No doubt chronic gastritis is one of the diseases to be responsible for the development of gastric carcinoma. 2. Academician A. N. Bakulev was the first surgeon in the Soviet Union to perform the operation on the heart. 3. To reveal the early symptoms of malignant tumours is one of the measures contributing to their effective treatment. 4. In the patients with ulcer pain is known to have cyclic character with periodic remissions.

XIII. Use Complex Subject instead of the subordinate clause:

1. It was reported that the patient had been suffering from the digestion disturbances for several years. 2. It seems that the pathologic changes in the gastric mucous membrane due to chronic gastritis are responsible for the development of malignant tumours of the stomach. 3. It was stated that the patient had developed anaemia after profuse bleeding caused by perforating ulcer.

XIV. Read and translate the following words:

epigastrium [,epi'gaestriam], peritonitis [,penta'naitis], metastasis [me'taeaestasis], barium ['beariam], degeneration [di,d3ena'reifn]

XV. Finish the following sentences using the necessary words from Assignment XIV:

1. The change of tissue from one form to another is.... 2. The inflammation of the internal serous coat of the abdominal cavity is.... 3. The upper portion of the abdomen is .... 4. Secondary cancerous lesions due to the spread of the disease in to other organs and systems of the body are .... 5. A special food given to the patient before the X-ray examination of his stomach or intestine is ... .

XVI. 1. Read Text D. 2. Entitle it. 3. Characterize the pain in this disease. 4. Why is the prevention of this disease so important?


In gastric carcinoma pain is felt in the epigastrium and the patient often complains of the feeling of pressure in the stomach area. Pain may become severe when the tumour involves the pancreas, in peritonitis, and metastases into the bones.

The gastric juice is known to contain much mucus, leucocytes and tumour cells. In the majority of cases gastric secretion proves to be considerably reduced.

The X-ray examination is particularly important for the diagnosis of gastric carcinoma. It reveals the so-called filling defect, when some areas of the stomach remain empty after barium meal has been taken.

Preventive measures are carried out extensively to reveal the early signs of gastric cancer an adequate therapy of ulcers and chronic gastritis is widely used not to result in malignant degeneration.

XVII. Instead of the words and phrases in bold type use those from Texts С and D:

1. A continuous haemorrhage causesthe decrease in the red blood cell count. 2. 35—40% of allpersons who die from cancer are known to have had gastric carcinoma.3. When the patient's stomach was X-rayed the doctor saw that some of its areas did not contain any barium. 4. Too hot or too cold food is consideredto contribute to the development ofgastric cancer.



I.* Выразите следующие понятия одним словом:

I.the decrease of the red blood cell count; 2. a physician who treats the heart diseases; 3. the causes that produce the development of a certain disease; 4. the mechanism of the development of a disease; 5. the inflammation of the internal serous coat of the abdominal cavity; 6. artificial cooling of the body; 7. the state of the organism when a person is neither well nor ill; 8. irregular contractions of atria and ventricles; 9. an increase of the white blood cell count

II. '* Выберите правильный ответ на вопрос в соответствии с содержанием текста С:

1. What appetite has the patient suffering from gastric carcinoma? (a) It is increased; 6) It is reduced.) 2. What do the clinical manifestations of gastric carcinoma vary with? (a) They vary with the stage of the development of the disease; 6) They vary with the age and sex of the patient.) 3. At what age is the highest incidence of gastric carcinoma observed? (a) It is observed at the age from twenty to thirty; 6) It is observed at the age from fifty to sixty.)

III. Замените придаточное предложение причастным оборотом (письменно). Переведите полученные предложения:

1. After the patient had suffered profuse external bleeding he developed severe anaemia. 2. While the surgeon was performing the operation he revealed the ulcer on the anterior wall of the stomach. 3. The dullness which was revealed on percussion was associated with the pathologic changes in the left lung.

IV. Переведите текст E. Передайте его содержание:

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