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Criminality — Inborn or Acquired?

Divide into two groups — pro and con, and conduct a debate on the origins of criminality,

Appoint the 'Chair' of the debate who will give the floor to the. speakers of both teams.

Use the active vocabulary from the Unit



CRIME is an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law.

Criminology deals with crimes and criminals. Name as many crimes as you can remember. Work in teams and compare your lists with those of other teams,

Chapter II. Crime and Punishment

Law Breakers

TASK 1. Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right:

1) an arsonist

2) a shop-lifter

3) a mugger

4) an offender

5) a vandal

6) a burglar

7) a murderer

8) a kidnapper

9) a pickpocket


10) an accomplice

11) a drug dealer

12) a spy

13) a terrorist

14) an assassin

15) a hooligan

16) a stowaway

17) a thief

18) a hijacker

19) a forger

20) a robber

21) a smuggler

22) a traitor

23) a gangster


a) attacks and robs people, often in the street

b) sets fire to property illegally

c) is anyone who breaks the law

d) breaks into houses

or other buildings to steal

e) steals from shops while acting as an ordinary customer

f) kills someone

g) deliberately causes damage to property

h) steals things from people's pockets

in crowded places i) gets secret information from

another country j) buys and sells drugs illegally k) takes away people by force

and demands money for their return 1) helps a criminal in a criminal act m) uses violence for political reasons n) causes damage or disturbance

in public places o) hides on a ship or plane to get

a free journey p) takes control of a plane by force

and makes the pilot change course q) murders for political reasons

or a reward r) is someone who steals s) makes counterfeit (false) money

or signatures t) is a member of a criminal group u) steals money, etc. by force

from people or places v) marries illegally, being married

already w) is a soldier who runs away

from the army

24) a deserter

25) a bigamist

26) a drug smuggler

Just English. Английский для юристов

x) brings goods into a country illegally

without paying tax y) illegally carries drugs

into another country z) betrays his or her country

to another state

TASK 2. Continue the fcllowing table with the words from Task 1 where possible. The first few are done for you. Consult the dictionary when necessary:


Crime Criminal Criminal Act
treason traitor to betray
theft thief to steal
murder murderer to murder


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