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Using the information and facts from the Unit discuss the following:

Greater public understanding of the crime problem is important for the apprehension and conviction of criminals, their rehabilitation» and the prevention of crime.

Awareness by the criminal ofa high probability of arrest is the most effective deterrent to crime.

The emotional problems of convicts should be given special consideration.

Crime stems from the breakdown of traditional social norms.

Family and social control are the most effective means of crime prevention,

In recent years public has demanded longer and hasher sentences for offenders.

\______________________________________________________________________________ -

TASK 4. Give Russian equivalents for the following general types of punishment. Put them in descending order of severity.

• Capital punishment

• Community service

• Disciplinary training in a detention centre

• Fixed penalty fine

52 Just English. Английский для юристов

• Life imprisonment [

• Probation i

• Short-term imprisonment

• Suspended sentence [

• Long-term imprisonment I

TASK 5. Study the following list of offences. Rate them on a scale [ from 1 to 10 (1 is a minor offence, 10 is a very serious j crime). They are in no particular order. You don't have to apply your knowledge of existing laws your own opinion j

is necessary: \


П driving in excess of the speed limit !

П common assault (e.g. a fight in a disco-club) j

П drinking and driving j

□ malicious wounding (e,g. stabbing someone in a fight) j

□ murdering a policeman during a robbery !

□ murdering a child

П causing death by dangerous driving j

П smoking marijuana !

П selling drugs (such as heroin) j

□ stealing £lt000 from a bank by fraud

D stealing £1,000 worth of goads from someone's home '

П rape !

□ grievous bodily harm (almost killing someone)
Q shop-lifting

П stealing £1,000 from a bank by threatening someone with

a gun D possession of a gun without a licence

TASK 6. Which of the sentences listed in Task 4 fit the offences in Task 5? Give your reasons.

TASK 7. Study the authentic cases given below. Discuss each case in class and decide the following:

1. Was justice done?

2. If you were the judge, what other facts and circumstances would you like to know?

3. If you were the judge, would you give a different sentence?

4. Would you choose a lighter sentence, or a more severe one?

5. How would you have felt if you had been the victim of the crime?

6. How would you have felt if you had been the defendant?

Chapter II. Crime and Punishment

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