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US Public Manifesto

Instead of protecting the public, police departments around the country are waging a campaign of violence and intimidation against the people in our communities. In cities across the country,

Chapter III- Law Enforcement

police kill unarmed people every month, yet

the officers are rarely disciplined. In New

Orleans and Philadelphia, police were caught

fabricating evidence and filing false

reports in thousands of cases. In New York

recently, undercover cops shot an unarmed black man 15 times.

Police brutality is caught on videotapes.

Basta Ya! This is too much! The U.S. locks up a higher percentage of its people than any other country in the world. Jails are being built instead of schools and hospitals, and politicians are promising to put more cops on the street and pass more fascist laws to put more people in jail. But who will protect us from the system?

Who will protect the people being routinely brutalized for being the wrong colour or being homeless or poor? Who will protect our youth who are arrested and jailed, by cops for how they look and dress? ITS UP TO US TO STOP THE EPIDEMIC OF POLICE ABUSE AND VIOLENCE!

Today, as politicians push anti-crime propaganda and taws, and anti-civil rights initiatives, we can strike a note of truth if we raise our voices loud enough and bring into streets a message that cannot be ignored. We are calling on people of all races and backgrounds to stand up and say that we will no longer put up with all this.


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