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V______________________________________________________________________________ J I


Alan is now old enough and tall enough to___________________________________ the

__________________________ . At first, of course, he'll be an ordinary !

______ of the lowest . He'll wear a__________________ and

go out in the streets keeping in touch with the police station with

his . Then he'd like to Ъе a ^^____ in__________________________

investigating serious crimes,

TASK 5. Look at the picture and read the police bulletin:


Crime: Armed Robbery

Location: South & South Park Streets

Date: November 13, 1999

The public's assistance is requested in identifying the person or persons responsible for an armed robbery on the southwest corner of the South St and South Park St, intersection.

This crime occurred at 9:3b a.m. on November 13, 1999.

■;^v.\ т
jumped in front of the victim, pulled a knife from his jacket and said,

At about 9:30 a.m. the victim, a young visitor to the city, was walking south along South Park St. At the southwest corner cf South Park St. and South St., the suspect

Chapter III-Law Enforcement


"Give me your purse or you're stuck!" The victim handed it over and the suspect fled the scene of the crime.

The suspect is described as a white male, 20—25 years old, medium build, 5'2", moustache, blue eyes, short brown hair, pointed nose, He was wearing a red baseball cap with a Montreal Canadians logo, a dark

blue jacket, green jeans and white sneakers.

This man is armed and therefore dangerous. If you can identify the man in the photofit picture, or have any information on this or any crime, contact the local Police Department or Crime Stoppers at. 1-800-555-8477, and you may be eligible for a cash reward.

TASK 6. Find in the text above the English equivalents far the following words and expressions:

о подозреваемый

* жертва

i вооруженное ограбление

« фоторобот


* денежное вознаграждение

* опознать преступника

* скрыться с места преступления

TASK 7. Find in the text the description of the criminal and compose an opposite one: e.g. "The suspect is described as black, very tall.*." Use some of the expressions given below:

FACE— long, round, oval, thin, plump, fleshy, puffy, wrinkled,

pasty, pimpled, pock-marked, clean-shaven FEATURES— clean-cut, delicate, forceful, regular / irregular,

large, small, stern COMPLEXION— fair, pale, dark, sallow HAIR— curly, wavy, straight, receding (scanty), rumpled,

shoulder-length, medium-length, short-cut, crew-cut,

bobbed, dyed, bald, fair /dark-haired FOREHEAD— high, low, narrow, square, broad EYES— hollowed, bulging, close-set, deep-set, sunken, wide-

apart, crossed-eyed EYEBROWS— thin, thick, bushy, arched, pencilled, shaggy EARS— small, big, jug-eared NOSE— prominent, straight, pointed, hooked, flat, aquiline,

snub-nosed LIPS— full, thin, painted, cleft lip TEETH— even / uneven, sparse, artificial CHEEKS— plump, hollow, ruddy, stubby CHIN— square, pointed, double, massive, protruding

Just English. Английский для юристов

BEARD — full, bushy, spade beard, grey-bearded, heavy-bearded

MOUSTACHE — thin, thick, tooth brush, walrus HEIGHT — tall, short, of medium height BUILT — average, medium built, well-built, plump, skinny DISTINGUISHING FEATURES — birth marks, freckles, scars, wooden leg, humpback, pot-belly

TASK 8. Translate the following police bulletin into English and make the corresponding photofit:

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