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Let Off witha Caution

straight from now on. She says she did it mostly out of boredom» and not to impress her friends as a lot of youngsters do. But she feels she's grown out of it after the fright she got the other day, and has decided to look for other interests.

Fourteen-year old Jane was lucky this time. Caught by a store detective with a bottle of hair conditioner, eye-lash dye, and a copy of Hello magazine hidden in her bag, she found herself in a van being driven to the police station-Even more upset than Jane was her Mum, She was as white as a sheet when she went to collect Jane from police station, and burst into tears.

Jane says, "I was lucky. Two

policemen came and looked at my

home, which is very middle class

and respectable. I think that's why

they let me off They even asked to *у?„^л

see my school books." л «B /,

After two years of regular shop­lifting, Jane has decided to go

Just English. Английский для юристов

Yellow Fever

Roy Philips Downfall was the colour fellow. Appearing in court on shop­lifting charges, he wore a yellow parka, yellow shirt, yellow pants, and a yellow tie. It was a similar dress that drew him to the attention of the store detective at a

supermarket in Oldham, England, where everything he was after had a yellow connection: lemons, jellies, mustard, cheese, three pairs of socks, and two pairs of underpants. He was given a one-month suspended sentence.

Shop-Lifting Celebrity

Anna Bronx, the well-known TV personality, was found dead in her flat in Knightsbridge this morning after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

The tragedy occurred less than a month after she had appeared in court on a charge of shop-lifting in a department store. It was claimed that she had taken goods worth £7.30 when she was arrested outside the store. She was sentenced to a fine of £100, and was given a two-week suspended sentence.

Mrs, Bronx was far many years a well-loved personality on a popular programme, but for the last several years had withdrawn from public life and was living by herself, Friends say that they did not think she was unhappy, but that she may have been a little bored after such an active public life.

It was of course a great shock when she was arrested for shop-lifting. Local feeling was that the magistrate had been far too severe, a feeling that can only grow after this tragic incident.

TASK 10. Retell each story from Task 9 as if you were a Store Detective or Police Officer giving evidence in court. Use some of the Colour Idioms given below:

to catch smb. red-handed — to catch smb. during his or

her committing a crime

to be in the red — to be broke, having no money

to see red — to get terribly angry

to appear out of the blue — from nowhere, unexpectedly

in the black and white — in a very clear way

Chapter III, Law Enforcement 87

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