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UNIT 5. SCOTLAND YARD The History of Scotland Yard

The task of organising and designing the 'New Police* was placed in the hands of Colonel Charles Rowan and Sir Richard Mayne. These two Commissioners occupied a private house at 4, Whitehall Palace, the back of which opened on to a courtyard, which had been the site of a residence owned by the Kings of Scotland and known as 'Scotland Yard'. Since the place was used as a police station, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police became known as Scotland Yard.

These headquarters were removed in 1890 to premises on the Victoria Embankment and became known as *New Scotland Yard'; but in 1967, because of the need for a larger and more modern headquarters building, a further removal took place to the present site at Victoria Street (10 Broadway), which is also known as 'New Scotland Yard7.

The Force suffered many trials and difficulties in overcoming public hostility and opposition. But, by their devotion to duty and constant readiness to give help and advice coupled with kindliness and good humour, they eventually gained the approval and trust of the public. This achievement has been fostered and steadily maintained throughout the history of the Force, so that today its relationship with the public is established on the firmest foundation of mutual respect and confidence.

TASK 1. Answer the following questions;

1. Who was responsible for organising and designing the 'New Police'? *

2. Why did the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police become known as Scotland Yard?

3. What is 'New Scotland Yard1 and where is it currently located?

4. What difficulties in relations with the public did the force suffer?

5- What is the main principle of the Force's relationship with the public?

TASK 2. Find in the text above the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

1, главное полицейское управление

Chapter III. Law Enforcement

2. Столичная полиция

3. комиссар полиции

4. претерпевать невзгоды

5. преодолеть враждебное отношение

6. завоевать доверие общественности

7. на основе взаимного уважения

TASK 3. Fill in the gaps in the text below with the appropriate words from the previous text:

Scotland Yard is a popular name for the_______________________________________ of

London's Metropolitan Police Force, and especially its Criminal Investigation Department. The name is derived from a small area where the'headquarters was situated from 1829 to 1890. The area,

in turn, was named after the_______________________ of Scottish kings in London.

The custom of referring to the headquarters as ___________________________________________

began soon after the_______________________ was reorganised by the British

statesman Sir Robert Peel in 1829. The headquarters was moved in 1890 to new buildings erected on the Thames Embankment,

which were known as i______________________________ .___ ______________, In 1967 the

present headquarters, a modern 20-storey building situated near the Houses of Parliament, was opened.

TASK 4. Read the text and translate the sentences given in bold type in writing:

Scotland Yard

At first the new police force encountered little cooperation from the public, and when Scotland Yard stationed its lirst plainclothes police agents on duty in 1842, there was a public outcry against these 'spies'. The police force had gradually won the trust of the London public by the time Scotland Yard set up its Criminal Investigation Department (СШ) in 1878. The CID was a small force of plainclothes detectives who gathered information on criminal activities. The CID was subsequently built up into the efficient investigative force that it now constitutes. It presently employs more than 1, 000 detectives.

The area supervised by the London Metropolitan Police includes all of Greater London with the exception of the City of London, which has its own separate police force. The Metropolitan Police's duties are the detection and prevention of crime, the preservation of public order, the supervision of road traffic and

Just English. Английский для юристов

the licensing of public vehicles, and the organisation of civil defence in case of emergency.

The administrative head of Scotland Yard is the commissioner, who is appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of the Home Secretary. Beneath the commissioner are a deputy commissioner and four assistant commissioners, each of the latter being in charge of one of Scotland Yard's four departments; administration, traffic and transport, criminal investigation (the CID), and police recruitment and training. The CID deals with all aspects of criminal investigation and comprises the criminal records office, fingerprint and photography sections, the company fraud squad, a highly mobile police unit known as the flying' squad, the metropolitan police laboratory, and the detective-training school.

Scotland Yard keeps extensive files on all known criminals in the United Kingdom» It also has a special branch of police who guard visiting dignitaries, royalty, and statesmen. Finally, Scotland Yard is responsible for maintaining links between British law-enforcement agencies and Interpol. Although Scotland Yard's responsibility is limited to metropolitan London, its assistance is often sought by police in other parts of England, particularly with regard to difficult cases. The Yard also assists in the training of police personnel in the countries of the Commonwealth,

TASK 5. Answer the following questions:

1. What was the public sentiment about the first Scotland Yard plainclothes police agents?

2. When did Scotland Yard set up its Criminal Investigation Department?

3. What were the CID's initial duties?

4. What is the CID nowadays?

5. Which parts of London are covered by the Metropolitan Police?

6. What are the Metropolitan Police's duties?

7. Who is the administrative head of Scotland Yard?

8. What is the structure of the CID?

9. What assistance does The Yard render to the countries of the Commonwealth?

TASK 6. Find in the text above the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

1. 'Большой' Лондон

Chapter Ш. Law Enforcement 99

2. правоохранительные органы

3. отдел регистрации преступлений и преступников

4. 'летучий отряд'

5. чрезвычайное положение

6. пребывание на службе

7. министр внутренних дел

8. Департамент уголовного розыска

9. выдача водительских удостоверений

10. отдел по борьбе с мошенничеством
И. полицейский в штатском

12. преступная деятельность

13. завоевать доверие

14- быть назначенным королевой

15. направлять на место работы

16. собирать сведения

TASK 7. Fill in the gaps in the text below with the words and expressions from the box:

guards; tap; armoured vehicles; bullet-proof; kidnappers; couriers; bug; security firm; private detectives

'Sherlock and Holmes' is a_________________________________ which offers a

complete range of security services. We have____________________________________________

with special____________________ windows to transport money and other

valuable items. We can supply trained _____ to protect exhibits at art shows and jewellery displays. We can advise you if you

think someone is trying to______________________ your phone or _______ your

private conversations at home or in the office with hidden

microphones. We have ex-policemen whom you can hire as________________________________

_________ and special___________________ to deliver your valuable parcels

anywhere in the world. We can protect you or your children
against possible________________________.


Using the information and vocabulary from the Unit compile an advertisement of:

* a private detective
«a bodyguard

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