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Упражнение 23. Определите по суффиксу, к какой части речи относятсА слова.

radioactivity, measurement, interaction, society, nervous, elimination, basic, proportion, seriously, symbolic, anxious, eco­logical.


Упражнение 24. Назовите глаголы, образованные от следующих сущест­вительных, и переведите их.

advancement (продвижение вперед, прогресс), investment (капиталовложение), measurement (измерение), achievement (достижение), improvement (улучшение), fulfillment (выпол­нение).


Упражнение 25. Переведите слова с префиксом re-.

rename, reopen, renew, renewable, non-renewable, renewal.


Упражнение 26. Найдите среди следующих слов:

а) антонимы

slowly, old, at present, small, quickly, in the past, new, large;

б) синонимы

tremendous, epoch, realize, several, work, progress, great, field, era, understand, make it possible, different, achieve, some, advance, enable, area, various, reach, essential, job, important.


Упражнение 27. Составьте предложения, пользуясь словами и выраже­ниями из таблицы.

Her friend are watching a letter
They is writing on the telephone
I are listening to the latest news on the radio
You am reading the TV programme
We is speaking an exercise


Упражнение 28. Придумайте предложения со следующими глагола­ми-сказуемыми:

is changing, was changing, will be changing, are becoming, will be developing, are being introduced, was being solved.


Упражнение 29. Раскройте скобки.

A. When Peter was a child, he had two drawing books. One of them was (large) than the other. His elder brother bought the (large) one for him. Peter liked it (well) because the drawings in it were (large) and simple. He drew something every day. Each new day his drawing was (good) than the one he had made the day be­fore. The last page was much (good) than the first one.

B. After graduating from the institute Mike went to Siberia to a small industrial town. It was (difficult) for him to begin his work as an engineer than he thought that it would be. He moved to (impor­tant) city than the first one. He was not (successful) there than be­fore, however, and sometimes he was even (unhappy). However, he was (happy) about one thing, he was becoming a (useful) specialist.

C. New York is the (large) city in the US. Perhaps, with all its suburbs (пригород), it is the (large) city in the world. It is one of the (important) industrial cities in the country. Some of the (old) and historic buildings are there. Some of the buildings in New York City are the (high) buildings in the whole world. New York City is not only the (large) city in the US; it is also the (important) indus­trial center. Perhaps, the (expensive) office buildings in the world are there. It has the (great) number of factories, the (large) banks and post offices. It sends out many letters and receives the (heavy) mail bags. It is truly the (important) business city.


Упражнение 30. Прочитайте текст и озаглавьте его.

The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest — 29,002 feet high. The largest ocean is the Pacific having a total area of 63,986,000 square miles. The Atlantic Ocean, the next largest, is only 31,530,000 square miles, the Indian Ocean with 28,350,000 square miles comes third. The longest river is the Nile which is more than 4,000 miles longer or about twice the distance by air from London to Beirut. The biggest island is Greenland which be­longs to Denmark and is about 840,000 square miles in extent. The largest lake is the Caspian Sea. Geographers consider it as a lake because it is not connected with any of the great oceans. It has an area of about 170,000 square miles. Which is the deepest sea? So far, as we know at present the greatest depth is in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines and goes down to 37,000 feet, which is much more than the height of Everest. The biggest volcano is in Ecuador, South America. It is still active and 19,612 feet high. There is an­other one between Argentina and Chile and it is more than 3,000 feet higher.


Упражнение 31. Напишите существительные в единственном числе.

cities, countries, societies, universities, technologies, lorries, industries, dictionaries, territories, theories, communities.


Упражнение 32. Дайте недостающие формы глаголов, запомните их.

grown, stand, dealing, brought, knew, making, send, found, thought, spending.


Упражнение 33. Прочитайте и переведите текст без словаря

It is difficult for mankind to predict (предсказать) changes in the environment accurately. It is known that natural changes in weather and climate may have more catastrophic global effects than human activity. But scientists are developing a new concept that can help make such prediction more accurately. It is based on our understanding that the Earth is an integral system. Its parts — oceans, atmosphere, land or life — cannot be understood in isola­tion to predict changes in the most accurate way. Modern scientific and technological progress made it possible to use new technolo­gies for that purpose. That satellites can control physical, chemical, biological and geological changes on a global scale is well-known now. One must also know that the study of environmental problems with the help of satellites is becoming international. Russia, the US, France, Japan, Canada, India, China and Italy are planning to send their satellites in both polar and geostationary orbits.


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