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A Letter

Dear Sergei,

How are you? I have received your letter of 10-th June for which I thank you very much. I am sorry I haven't written to you sooner, but I have had many things to do. You know it was a very hard year for me. I spent my time getting ready for my exams and I was doing well in many subjects. After passing the exams I was enroled into the University. The whole course of study is four years. My major subject is mathematics. It is my favourite and my hobby. I am good at it and do maths whenever I have a chance. I take many courses in this subject. I like to take part in mathemati­cal competitions organized at our department and at the Univer­sity. I think that mathematics is «the language of science» and plays an important part in many sciences. We are lucky to have a brilliant lecturer in mathematics this term. He has a talent to take a difficult subject and make it simple. You leave the lecture hall with a feeling that mathematics is the most interesting subject under the sun. Next term I'll do research in the field of computer engineering.

And how do you feel about maths? Please, write to me, I am es­pecially interested in your life in students' hostel.

Good-bye for the present, your friend Mike



Упражнение 1. А. Прочитайте текст и постарайтесь догадаться о значе­нии выделенных слов.

Computers are now essential in many areas of life — modern banking, information technology and many others. However, this is not true for education.

There are some subjects which may be better taught using com­puters. Elementary mathematics, elementary language learning, any subject that requires a student to memorize basic facts through repetition (повторение) is good to computer learning. The com­puter can be programmed to provide an endless number of simple questions, and as the student answers these questions the facts are learned.

However, in the learning and practice of more complex ideas, the computer is not adequate. A computer can evaluate (оценить) an answer as right or wrong, but it cannot determine why. It cannot find out why a student is making mistakes, and then explain important concepts in a different way so the student will understand. Task connected with explanation cannot be taught by computers as there are too many variables for a computer to deal with successfully.

Thus, while computers may be useful for practising simple skills, they are not an essential feature of modern education. Until further developments in computers are made, the human teacher will remain indispensable.


B. Подберите к каждому слову или словосочетанию в колонке А соответ­ствующее из колонки В.


1. essential a. thing that can vary

2. area of life b. idea, opinion

3. memorize c. absolutely necessary

4. adequate d. most important

5. concept e. sphere of activity

6. variable f. learn by heart

7. indispensable g. satisfactory, sufficient

C. Заполните пропуски антонимами и синонимами.

right ... ... new, up-to-date

... complex most important ...

adequate ... ... absolutely necessary


Упражнение 2. Составьте возможные словосочетания глаголов из группы B с существительными из колонки A.


1 go to / enter / be enrolled into /graduate from

2 read for / take / pass

3.do / study

4. get/receive

5. take / make

6. make

7. be

8. take part

9. do / conduct / carry out

10. give / do


a. progress

b. a course in, notes

c. good at Maths

d. research into/on

e. university

f. a subject, a course, for a degree

g. in discussion, competition on

h. grant, degree

i. examinations (exams)

j. a lecture


Упражнение З. Замените в каждом предложении выделенный глагол на другой глагол с тем же значением.

1. Did you receive a grant? 2. How many exams did you pass be­fore you entered university? 3. Do you take notes in lectures? 4. Who gives the lecture in history? 5. My friend studies physics. 6. What research did you conduct last semester?


Упражнение 4.Заполните таблицы на словообразование.

Verb Noun
Instruct Inform Consider Introduce foundation determination preparation
Verb Noun Adjective
Educate Occupy Base ... ...


Упражнение 5. А. Назовите 10—15 ключевых слов и словосочетаний на тему «Higher Education».

В. Speak about: Computers in education.



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