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Exercise 1.Answer the questions.

1. How old are you now? 2. Where were you born? 3. What city did you come from? 4. Where did you go to school? 5. What foreign language did you study at school? 6. How long did you study at school? 7. Why did you enter this institute? 8. What are your fa­vourite subjects at the institute? 9. Where do you live? 10. Do you live with your family? 11. How do you usually spend your Satur­day and Sunday? 12. What did you do last weekend? 13. What are you going to do next weekend? 14. What is your favourite sport? 15. What is your hobby? 16. Where do you usually spend your summer vacation? 17. When do you usually get up in the morn­ing? 18. At what time do you usually leave home? 19. How do you usually get to the institute?


Exercise 2.Read and learn.

Ted's instructor: Hello Ted. I'm glad I saw you before lectures. Did you know about the change in the examination timetable?

Ted: Change?

Ted's ins.: Yes. The last day of examinations for your group will be January 23rd not January 21st.

Ted: Is that definite (определенно, точно)? We were told they'd be on January 22nd.

Ted's ins.: There can be no changes now. It's definitely January 23rd.

Ted: That's great. I'm going to London on holiday on January 24th.

Ted's ins.: Have you finished your assignment (домашнее задание) yet?

Ted: I'm nearly there. I think I'll give it to you on Tuesday.

Ted's ins.: That's good. I can't let you have another extension (отсрочка).

Ted: I was really grateful for the extra time you gave me. That was a really big assignment.

Ted's ins.: Well, I'll expect it next week. Now, would you like to hear the details of the schedule?

Ted: Oh. Yes, please.

Ted's ins.: You'll have four examinations. General mechanics is inthe morning of January 8th, physics is on the afternoon of January 13th, maths is on the morning of January 18th, and information technology in the afternoon of January 23rd.



Mr.R.: Good morning. Have a seat.

Bob: Good morning. Thank you.

Mr. R.: I have your application here. Your name is Robert Smith, right?

В.: That's right, sir.

Mr. R.: And you hope to enter our university this year?

В.: Yes sir, if I can make it.

Mr. R.: Fine, Bob. You finished school a year ago. Why didn't you enter college that year?

В.: Well, I have a sister in college now. And there is another one who'll be going next year. So I need money to pay for my education.

Mr. R.: All right. How were your grades (отметка, оценка) at school?

В.: Well, pretty good. Until my last year I got a little too interested in sports. But I know I'll work hard in college.

Mr. R.: It's hard to keep up both sports and studies.

В.: Yes sir, I know.

Mr. R.: Fine. Well, we'll let you know in about two weeks, good luck (удачи).

В.: Thank you, sir. Goodbye.


Exercise 3. Speak about:

1. My University.

2. Academic Year at My University.

3. I am a first-year student.

Use text «My University» and text 1A for your topic.


Exercise 4. Read and smile:

Mary: Professor, I think you can speak several languages.

Professor: Yes, I'd say about five.

M.: French, I think? And German?

P.: No, neither. I read them well, but have never learned to speak them.

M.: Italian? Chinese?

P.: No, I am afraid not.

M.: You must be kidding me (обманывать, смеяться).

P.: Not at all. First, there is a language we are using now.

Then there is the language I use in the classroom, in my lectures. Next, there is the speech I use when I go back to my home town. And I have another that I use with my lit­tle daughter, and still another with my dog. Then there's...

M.: But those are all English.

P.: Yes, of course. You speak differently to every person. Fortunately (к счастью), everybody does all this quite naturally.


He was a Rising Star

Max Born, who later became an outstanding German physicist, took an exam in astronomy. He was examined by a professor. Here is their conversation:

Professor: What do you do when you see a falling star?

Born: I think up of a wish (задумать желание).

P.: Is that all?

В.: Then I take a look at my watch, mark the time and the constellation (созвездие) from which the star appeared, determine the direction of its movement and the length of its path, then go home and calculate the orbit of the star.

The professor asked no more questions. He was satisfied (быть удовлетворенным).


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