Choose the correct answer

1. I dont think people should be allowed to perform experiments ..animals.

A for B over C on D to

2. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is, . average, about 149 million kilometers.

A in B on C from D in

3. It's amazing that creatures survive the bottom of the ocean.

A in B by C at D to

4. Many lives were saved.the introduction of antibiotics.

A into B at C with D in

5. My father works at the university, doing research .weather control.

A on B to C of D from

6. I believe that judges should be independent the government

A to B from C with D on

7. I don't think people should relythe state, even if they are unemployed.
A to B with C on D by

8. When the snake bit Mike in the forest, he knew he was..serious danger.

A to B with C on D in

9. I'm going to make a real effort to get.shape for the summer.

A on B to C in D from

10. Try spreading something low fat.your bread instead of butter.

A in B through C around D on

II. Complete these sentences necessary article:a, an , the , or - :

1) There was programme on television about dangers to environment.

2) pollution is having effect on our climate.

3) Last week oil tanker spilled oil into the sea, damaging all wildlife.

4) Some professors have signed letter of protest and have sent it to government.

5) If Earth was human being, it would be in hospital.

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