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EXERCISE 48a — Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs from this section. Be sure the phrasal verbs are in the correct tense.

1. We might ________ our wedding ________ until September so that Rosa's parents can attend.

2. Please ________ the lights ________ — I'm trying to sleep.

3. Bob was ________ ________ when the baseball hit him in the head.

4. When I was a little girl, I ________ ________ ________ my grandfather and wanted to be like him.

5. Sam must have ________ ________ three gin and tonics in about a half an hour last night.

6. It's cold in here — the air conditioner shouldn't have been _______ _________.

7. Mrs. Flores was so angry with her husband that she ________ him right ________ of the house.

8. My wife thinks I forgot our anniversary again, so she's going to be ________ ________ when I give her this gold bracelet.

9. The blizzard has ________ ________ our efforts to find the crashed plane, but we'll keep looking until we find it.

10. I'm tired of looking at all this junk — why don't you ________ it ________?

11. Citizens of the neighborhood have demanded that the noisy bar be _____ _____.

12. Charles ________ ________ ________ anyone who comes from the poor side of town.

13. If you're finished with these tools, ________ them ________.

14. The soldier used a bazooka to ________ ________ an enemy tank.

15. Timmy's mother planned a really nice birthday party for Timmy and all his friends. She really ________ herself________.

EXERCISE 48b — Write three sentences using the objects in parentheses. Be sure to put the objects in the right place.

1. The health department should close down. (the restaurant, it)

2. Ali's left hook knocked out. (Joe, him)

3. General Johnston had to put back. (the attack, it)

4. Have you switched on? (the TV, it)

5. Are you going to switch off? (the lights, them)

6. Throwing out is going to be a big job. (all this junk, it)

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