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3. Mind the text “Caged” by L.E. Reeve and with the help of the questions describe the events in 10-15 sentences.

1. What did Mr. Purcell own and what did he sell?

2. What did he do every morning?

3. What did the stranger want to buy?

4. What scene did the shopkeeper watch through the window?

Mr. Purcell was a small, fussy' man with red cheeks and a tight melon like stomach. Large glasses so magnified his eyes as to give him the appearance of a wise and kind owl. He owned a pet shop. He sold cats and dogs , monkeys etc.. Each morning, when the routine of opening his shop was completed, it was the proprietor's custom to perch on a high stool, behind the counter, unfold his morning paper, and digest the day's news. One day a customer entered in the pet shop. He was the total stranger. The stranger wanted to buy something in a cage, something with wings, something that flies. And in the end he decided buy Doves. The customer had only 5 dollars. He explained that for ten years, he had earned 50 dollars in hard labour- fifty cents a year. He bought these birds and stalked abruptly from the store. Purcell walked to the window and stared out. He saw how his customer holding the cage shoulder-high, was staring at his purchase. Then, opening the cage, he reached inside and drew out one of the doves. He tossed it into the air. He drew out the second and tossed it after the first. Then he dropped the cage and walked away.

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