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3. Mind the text “The Dinner party” by N. Monsarrat and with the help of the questions describe the events in 10-15 sentences.

1 .In what way did uncle Octavian want to celebrate his fifty- fifth birthday?

2. Why does the author stress many times that the guests were close, valuable friends?

3. Why didn’t uncle Octavian allow the guests to be searched?

4 Why did author’s uncle die with sadness?

Uncle Octavian was a rich man in the lavish pride of manhood. He was charming and accomplished host whose villa was an accepted rendezvous of the great; and he was hospitable, contented, and most amiable man - until January 3, 1925. when he decided to celebrate his fifty- fifth birthday. He was giving a party for twelve people - his old friends.

This story was told by Octavian’s nephew, who was invited to the party of his uncle. As usual on such a day he was giving a party in his villa. Uncle Octavian was a charming, hospitable and very amiable man. It was, intelligent and distinguished company. Towards the end of a wonderful dinner, when dessert had been served Octavian leant forward to admire the magnificent diamond ring which the German princess had on her finger. She said it was inherited from her grandmother who was the empress. Then guests wanted to see it and the ring was passed from hand to hand. Twenty minutes later, the princess asked her ring back, but nobody moved and talk. And nobody gave the ring back. It was lost. Octavian was very upset he didn’t want to search in his house. As all guests were his friends he promised to make amends himself. He did what he promised. After that party he had never given a lunch or party for 30 years. He died with sadness in comparative poverty.

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