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Computers in our life

About four hundred years ago William Schickard from Germany designed the first adding machine. It was very simple. In 1960 some scientists used his drawings and made a copy of that machine. Today there are computers in almost every home and office.

A computer has become an essential part in our life. Computers store information. They can work quickly. Computers help to work in hospitals, supermarkets, offices and banks. They print tickets at the stations. Libraries look for books on a computer. Computers can be used to create drawings for engineering and designing. They are used to help predict earthquakes and other natural disasters. Computers are used to control television. A tiny computer chip controls our washing machine. Microwaves use computers to set the cooking time and temperature.

We can connect with others with the help of a computer. We can use a computer to communicate with people all over the world sending e-mails with the help of computes. We can print and make pictures on computers. Computers help children to learn and practice at school. We can search information through the Internet. Sometimes the Internet helps us to do our homework. The Internet is very important as news appears on the screen as soon as things happen in real life and we know about it just at the same time. Some computers can write what we say to them. Computers are real helpers.

Some children are crazy about computer games. They don’t notice the time then and spend too much time on the computers. But we must remember that it is bad for our health to spend too much time in front of the computers. Internet addiction has a negative effect on our physical and mental health. It would be better for us to go out or go in for sports or communicate with our friends.

Exercise 5. Answer the questions:

1. Can you use the computer?

2. Can you use the Internet?

3. Does the computer help you to study? How?

4. What subjects do you learn with the help of the computer?

5. How much time do you spend in front of the computer every day?

6. What advice can you give to other pupils about using the computer?


Exercise 6. Complete the sentences:

1. Computers store ….. .

2. They can …quickly.

3. Computers help to work in …. .

4. Libraries look for … on a computer.

5. Computers are used ... .

6. A tiny computer chip ... .

7. Microwaves use computers ... .

8. Computers help … to learn and practice at … .

9. They are real … .

10. Internet addiction has ... .

Lesson 43. My Digital World (Мій цифровий світ)

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