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Comprehension Check

Define if the statements are true or false.

1. When Page arrived at the office he went directly upstairs.

2. Home news went to press immediately.

3. That morning Miss Moffat, his secretary, did not produce any particular impression on Page.

4. Page was in many minds as to whether to sell The Northern Light or not.

5. Conferences with the staff were regularly held at 10.

6. Henry was inclined to mention the Somerville affair.

7. The Northern Light was concerned with all kinds of gossip, crime and sex.

8. Page could always rely on Malcolm Maitland’s opinion.


Match the beginnings of the sentences with the endings.

1. Nasser’s still throwing 2. We are getting short 3. He went up 4. Moffat was practically 5. She had something 6. We are deeper 7. It would be 8. If only we could get rid 9. We are in a bit 10. Moffatt was doing 11. Henry spoke 12. Even if you are right 13. Henry came down 14. I can’t spare a) it makes no odds. b) more than usually on edge. c) all sorts of odd jobs. d) in the hole than ever. e) to that subject of perennial interest. f) to your advantage. g) indispensable. h) the time. i) of oil. j) on her mind. k) the winding staircase. l) of a mess. m) of our apathy. n) his weight about.


Decide which answer A, B or C best completes each sentence.

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