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Fill in the gaps with the prepositions from the box.

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at (3) on(2) in (2) to (1) into(1) of(3)

1. We are getting short _______ money.

2. There was something________ her mind.

3. He looked _______ her _______surprise.

4. It would be weakness_______ his part.

5. His paper had built up a reputation_______ integrity.

6. Page and his staff went_______ this_______ length.

7. We are_______ a bit of a mess.

8. It could be _______ your advantage.

9. If only we could get rid ______ our apathy.

10. Come______ your earliest convenience.


21. Scan the passage in search of Infinitives. Comment on their functions.

“He’s an articled clerk. He seems to know his job. He can’t get over the way our accounts are kept. He told me he never expected a theatre to be run on such businesslike lines. He says the way some of those firms in the city keep their accounts is enough to turn your hair grey.” Julia smiled at the complacency on her husband’s handsome face. “He’s a young man of tact.”

“He finishes today. I thought we might take him back with us and give him a spot of lunch. He’s quite a gentleman.”

“Is that a sufficient reason to ask him to lunch?” Michael did not notice the faint irony of her tone.

“I won’t ask him if you don’t want him. I merely thought it would be a treat for him. He admires you tremendously. He’s been to see the play three times. He’s crazy to be introduced to you.” Michael touched a button and in a moment his secretary came in. (from Theatre by S. Maugham)


Match the following proverbs in the left column with their Ukrainian equivalents in the right one. Define the functions of the infinitives. Make up situations using the proverbs and sayings.

1. It’s ill to waken sleeping dogs. 2. You cannot judge a tree by its bark. 3. A blind man would be glad to see. 4. A hard nut to crack. 5. It’s enough to make a cat laugh. 6. Wait for the cat to jump. 7. When guns speak it’s too late to argue. a) Курям на сміх. b) Почекай поки зрозумієш, куди вітер дує. c) Коли гармати заговорили, сперечатись пізно. d) Не буди лиха, поки лихо спить. e) Горіх не по зубам. f) Зовнішність оманлива. g) Побачимо, сказав сліпий.


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