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Choose the right answer.

1. I don't think this newspaper cartoon is very funny, but I like the … under it.

a) caption b) label c) message d) text

2. When you go out, will you get me ….. of "Newsweek"?

a) a copy b) an edition c) a paper d) a publication

3. A ….. from the local newspaper asked for details of the accident.

a) broadcaster b) newsagent c) reporter d) salesman

4. The press couldn't speak to the Ministry employees: they had to wait for a statement from the Government ….. .

a) messenger b) reporter c) speaker d) spokesman

5. Although there is no official censorship in our country, the press is still ….. the laws of the land.

a) accountable to b) controlled by c) restrained by d) subject to

6. I read a newspaper every day to keep ….. with current affairs.

a) contemporary b) modern c) present-day d) up-to-date

7. There is very interesting ….. about cancer in the paper.

a) article b) documentary c) news d) programme

8. A newspaper ….. normally makes the final decision about the paper's contents.

a) editor b) journalist c) reporter d) publisher

9. Dear Sirs, I am writing in response to your ….. for a sales clerk in yesterday's "Business Man".

a) advertisement b) annoucement c) propaganda d) publicity

10. Our newspaper increased its ….. by eighty thousand copies.

a) amount b) circulation c) numbers d) quantity

11. Could I have a copy of the ….. issue of the "National Geographic", please?

a) actual b) circulating c) latest d) recent

12. He took out a(n) ….. to "The Times".

a) conscription b) inscription c) prescription d) subscription

13. You must look in the ….. section of the newspaper to find what films are showing.

a) diversion b) entertainment c) recreation d) variety

14. Every morning I do the crossword ….. in the newspaper.

a) problem b) puzzle c) question d) test

15. Many newspapers are holding lotteries to ….. sales.

a) advertise b) progress c) promote d) publicise


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