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A tight fit

A thief in Romania has been caught red-handed after his attempt to rob a pie shop went wrong. After stealing the shop’s money, the 29-year-old couldn’t resist helping himself to some pies on the way out. The thief, who weighs 140 kilos, then tried to climb through the window but got stuck. He was still there the following morning when shop-owner Vasile Mandache arrived for work.


Passengers saved

354 people in India have been saved after being trapped in a train hit by flood waters. The passengers had been up to their necks in water for two days, only able to communicate with officials through a single cell phone. As India’s monsoon season has only just begun, the government warned people to expect more floods.


Olympics venue

After a close contest, the International Olympic Committee have decided that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games. The other teams bidding were Paris, New York, Madrid and Moscow.


Probe hits comet

A probe the size of a washing machine, launched by NASA, has hit its target (at 23,000 miles an hour), the comet Temple One. The impact has been compared with a mosquito flying into a jumbo jet. Scientists hope the pictures of the inside of the comet will give them more information about how the solar system was formed millions of years ago.


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