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Study the difference.

Wound (n, v) and injury are both used to describe damage to the body, but a wound is generally caused by a weapon (e.g. gun or knife) and it is usually intentional.

He shot the man in the chest. (= a bullet wound in the chest) [from a gun]

He stabbed the boy in the back. (= a knife wound in the back)

He got into a fight and got beaten up. He had a black eye and two broken ribs.


76. Your friend has a few marks on his body. Match the name of the mark with the explanation of its origin.

1. This BITE on my leg 6. This SCAR on my belly

2. These BLISTERS on my feet 7. This SCRATCH on my arm

3. This BRUISE on my eyelid 8. These SPOTS on my cheeks

4. This CUT on my thumb 9. This STING on my chin

5. This GRAZE on my knee


a. I got when I was operated on for appendicitis.

b. I got when I went on a walking tour in too tight shoes.

c. I got when I was hit by my friend during our quarrel.

d. I got when I fell down while running.

e. I got when I suffered from measles.

f. I got when I was cutting onions with a sharp knife.

g. I got when I was attacked by a fierce dog.

h. I got when I was playing with my cat.

i. I got when I went to take some honey from the beehive.


77. INJURIES. Choose the correct answer.

1. He got that ….. on his forehead when he ran into an open cupboard door in the dark a few days ago.

a) blister b) bruise c) scar d) sprain

2. Mary was ….. by a wasp while she was gathering some pears.

a) bitten b) eaten c) stung d) wounded

3. Be careful, don't ….. yourself when you are cutting those roses.

a) pick b) prick c) sting d) wound

4. I fell off my bicycle when I was five and I still have a ….. on my knee.

a) freckle b) scar c) hole d) scratch

5. He got a terrible ….. on the head when he forgot to bend as he went through the low doorway.

a) bump b) hunch c) ripple d) wrinkle

6. This ….. dates from my operation last year.

a) cut b) scar c) scratch d) sore

7. A sword will only draw blood if it actually ….. the skin.

a) pierces b) pricks c) plunges d) thrusts

8. I have a ….. on my leg where you hit me.

a) blister b) bruise c) hole d) wound

9. She cried so much that her face became ….. .

a) fat b) soft c) swollen d) torn

10. If you are so senseless as to go on long walks in tight-fitting shoes, you must expect to get ….. .

a) blisters b) bruises c) scars d) scratches

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