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DISEASES. Choose the correct answer.

1. She died after a long …..

a) disease b) failing c) illness d) sickness

2. The doctor had three ….. of nose-bleeding in the same day.

a) aspects b) cases c) examples d) illnesses

3. He still suffers from a rare tropical disease which he ….. while in the Congo.

a) contracted b) gained c) infected d) received

4. My grandmother is very old and is not ….. very good health.

a) from b) in c) on d) with

5. The teachers at the school went …. with flu one after another.

a) down b) off c) out d) under

6. Malaria is …..by the female mosquito.

a) broadcast b) sent c) transmitted d) transported

7. Mary is in bed with a ….. attack of flu.

a) hard b) heavy c) large d) severe

8. My brother was ….. ill yesterday and is now in hospital.

a) broken b) caught c) fallen d) taken

9. The school is half empty as a serious epidemic of measles has broken….

a) down b) in c) out d) up

10. Several …… of malaria have been reported.

a) cases b) doses c) occurrences d) types

11. To our ….. , Mary's illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.

a) anxiety b) eyes c) judgement d) relief

12. He ….. a rare disease when he was working in the hospital.

a) caught b) infected c) suffered d) took

13. My headaches are usually brought ….. by worry.

a) in b) on c) up d) out

14. The doctor examined him carefully and ….. influenza.

a) concluded b) decided c) diagnosed d) realised

15. Some diseases ….. quickly from one person to another.

a) catch b) get about c) move d) spread

16. Tropical diseases are comparatively …… in Poland.

a) few b) rare c) scarce d) slight

17. It was a minor illness and he soon got ….. it.

a) around b) on with c) over d) up to

18. The ….. last thing I want now is to catch a cold.

a) extremely b) most c) utterly d) very

19. I can never touch lobster because I am ….. to shellfish.

a) allergic b) infected c) sensible d) sensitive

20. She couldn't go out because she had a ….. cold.

a) flowing b) leaking c) running d) streaming

21. The local medical officer reported a serious ….. of food-poisoning.

a) event b) incident c) outbreak d) state

22. The patient ….. his illness down to a virus infection.

a) laid b) placed c) put d) traced

23. You keep sneezing. You must have caught …..

a) a cold b) a cough c) a headache d) an illness

24. The children were suffering from the ….. of the hot weather.

a) consequences b) effects c) products d) results

25. He had a very bad cold and couldn't stop…..

a) sneezing b) snoring c) spitting d) yawning

83. Read the article. Work in pairs and discuss the health problems people might have in the 21st century.

“Who should get what?”

Heart Disease is often hereditary but can also be caused through bad diet and lack of exersise. It can be prevented, and public awareness levels are high in some countries. However, some sections of the community seem to ignore advice. Treatment is possible, but prevention is obviously preferable in the long term.

Cancer takes many forms and is caused by a number of factors. There is strong evidence that smoking and other lifestyle factors contribute significantly especially to lung and throat cancers. Treatment can be through chemotherapy and success rates are increasing. Some people believe that this, like heart disease, is self-inflicted, and that patients should be asked to pay extra for their treatment.

HIV/AIDS awareness levels around the world vary a great deal as to the causes and risks associated with this disease. It is preventable but, as yet, although there is treatment available, there is no known cure. Research continues in the hope of finding one.

Malaria is a disease which is spread via mosquito bites. It is easily prevented with the use of mosquito repellents: electronic devices, creams and sprays. It can be also avoided by taking pills regularly which protect the body from the disease. Malaria cannot be cured as such, though its symptoms, such as earache, fever, and shaking are treatable.

Road Traffic Accidents. Road safety standards vary a lot from country to country. Drink driving and the use of unsafe vehicles contribute to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Publicity, campaigns and stricter laws have made a dramatic difference in some countries.

Diarrhoea is one of the most common causes of death, especially among children, in Africa. It is caused by polluted water and a lack of food hygiene. It can be prevented by making water supplies safe. It is also important that public awareness is raised as to the causes of water contamination. Diarrhoea itself is easily treated with rehydration medicine.

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