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Match the columns.

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1. I kept reading in the papers that smoking was bad for you. 2. Doctor: Did you drink your orange juice after your bath? 3. I knew carrots are good in. 4.”Doctor, Doctor, I feel I’m a dog.” “Sit down, please.” 5. “What was it like having all your teeth out?” 6. “What is the best cure for dandruff?” 7. Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I keep stealing things. What should I do? 8. Doctor: Ah, yes, I can tell you are getting better. You are coughing much more easily this morning. 9. A patient was complaining to a friend: 10. “Doctor, have you got something for my liver?” 11. “I heard your sister is on garlic diet. Did she lose anything? 12. “Is it bad to write on an empty stomach?” a. “Terrible! I’ll never do it again.” b. Doctor: Take these pills. If they don’t work bring back my CD player and my video. c. “A bald head.” d. So finally I decided to give up reading the papers. e. “Oh, no, I’m not allowed on the furniture.” f. Patient: No, because after drinking the bath I didn’t have too much room for the orange juice. g. “No, but it’s better to write on paper.” h. Patient: And so I should be. I’ve been up all night practicing. i. “Yes, two kilos and four friends.” j. But I nearly go blind every time I stick them in. k.“How about some onions?” l. “After two years and $7,000, my psychiatrist told me I was cured. Some cure! Two years ago I was Attila the Hun, and now who am I? Nobody!”

96. Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate forms of the Verbals. Define their functions. What do you think of the new ailment?


It’s an illness many of us might well bear with fortitude. But Internet firm millionaires and lottery winners in America are seeking therapy for the new ailment _________ (afflict) them… Sudden Wealth Syndrome. It hits people who overnight find themselves rich beyond their widest dreams and cannot ________(cope). Symptoms include a sense of isolation and uncertainty, fear of ________ (lose) the fortune and alienation from friends and family. ‘We live in a society that is very much ________ (govern) by work,’ explained San Francisco psychologist Dr. Stephen Goldbart, one of two therapists who coined the phrase. ‘All of a sudden, you wake up one day and realize you don’t have ________ (work) any more. That’s when people start ________ (experience) the symptoms. ‘When you ask the rich, they will be the first ________ (tell) you that wealth doesn’t buy happiness.’ One newly-rich executive said: ‘In a lot of ways I was happier ________ (live) a simpler life. ‘I’m not saying I’m a miserable guy, but it is hard ________ (talk) about _______ (make) this transition.’ However, Dr Golgbart and his colleague Joan DiFuria have a simple treatment for the syndrome… they tell sufferers ________ (give) a large chunk of their money away to charity.  

Keeping Fit. Promoting Healthy Way of Life.

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