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Choose the correct answer.

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1. The doctor asked me to ….. to the waist.

a) bare b) strip c) take off d) undress

2. The nurse put a ….. round Peter's bleeding knee.

a) bandage b) belt c) ribbon d) scarf

3. He had injured his arm badly and had to keep it in a …… for several weeks.

a) cradle b) litter c) sling d) stretcher

4. When he finally ….. , he couldn't remember what had happened.

a) came round b) held back c) stood back d) wore off

5. The doctor told her that her temperature was ….. .

a) current b) familiar c) habitual d) normal

6. He is ….. dark glasses to protect his eyes from the sun.

a) bearing b) carrying c) fitting d) wearing

7. The ambulance men took the injured climber down the mountain on …. .

a) a bedstead b) a cot c) a couch d) a stretcher

8. Although the patient's condition is serious, she seems to be out of …… .

a) control b) danger c) order d) place

9. If he loses consciousness, give him a sip of brandy to bring him …. .

a) back b) over c) round d) up

10. With every ….. he took, he got more and more tired.

a) foot b) march c) step d) walk

11.My sister works in a home for the deaf and ….. .

a) dumb b) mute c) speechless d) voiceless

12. Make sure you ….. your food properly before you swallow it.

a) bite b) chew c) crunch d) eat

13. The fact is, doctor, I just cannot ….. this dreadful cough.

a) get down to b) get out of c) get rid of d) get round to

14. The doctor took his temperature and felt his ….. .

a) blood b) muscle c) pulse d) vein

15. While he was in hospital, his wound was ….. twice a day.

a) changed b) cured c) dressed d) healed

16. After a quick ….. at the patient the doctor rang for an ambulance.

a) gaze b) glance c) glimpse d) stare

17. Apply direct ….. on the wound to stop severe bleeding.

a) compression b) contraction c) pressure d) restriction

18. The man who was taken to hospital had been ….. for three hours.

a) indifferent b) insensitive c) unconscious d) unfeeling

19. The injured man was taken to hospital on ….. .

a) an ambulance b) a bed c) a sling d) a stretcher

20. After any hard or prolonged exercise it is advisable to check your ….. .

a) brain waves b) eyesight c) mental balance d) pulse rate


105. The following problems and pieces of advice have got all mixed up. Can you match them correctly?

1. I keep getting headaches. 2. I can't get into my clothes. 3. I can't sleep at night. 4. My eyes are often sore and I sneeze a lot. 5. I'm going to Nepal on business. 6. I've got a bad stomach. 7. I feel much better now, doctor. 8. I've got a terrible cough.   a. Good, you needn't come back for a month, b. You really must stop smoking. c. Perhaps you should have an eye test. d. You ought to do more exercise — it's very relaxing. e. You'll have to have a few injections. f. You shouldn't eat so much fried food. g.You really must lose some weight.     h. You should have some allergy tests.

106. Read the advertisement and try to explain the idioms in bold. Then, look at the pic­ture and say which idiom it represents.


Unlike some "remedies", whose creators' claims have to 1) be taken with a pinch of salt,DR. HERBERT'S LIFE TONIC IS NO GIMMICK!

Whether you're 2)at death's dooror simply, feeling a bit 3) off colour,Dr Herbert’s Life Tonic will have you feeling 4) full of beansagain in no time. But don't just take our word for it. Mr Jethro Franklin of Dodgeville, Texas, had been suffering from heart problems and severe back pains for over ten years, before he turned to Dr Herbert for help.

"I hadbeen 5) going downhillfor a long, long time before I came to Dr Herbert. I had lost so much weight that I was 6) nothing but skin and bone,and on most days I couldn't even get out of bed in the mornings! However, Dr Herbert's Life Tonic changed all that. I was just 7) a shad­ow of my former selfwhen I started taking his Life Tonic, but I was 8) up and about again in just two weeks. That was just six months ago and now I feel 9) as strong as an ox– in fact, after giving me just three months to live last year my doctor now says that I should live to a 10) ripe old age!"



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