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Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

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a. there was a long queue at the … in the supermarket.

b. a … sales person may knock at your door and and try to sell you something.

c. a distribution channel can include … and indirect channels of distribution.

d. our company operates in a food … sector.

e. as a leading … we send a catalogue with a fantastic choice of clothes for women in many elegant styles for all casual and formal occasions.

f. possible … are wholesalers, small retailers, retail chains, direct mailers or your own stores.

g. a wholesaler is a … between a manufacture and a retailer.

h. when goods are sold through middleman, it is known as … of distribution.

i. some businesses increase sales and business stability when they … the market.

j. she quickly filled … with necessary products.

k. today … has grown into a huge industry with online retail revenues and online transactions impacting industries from travel services to consumer electronics.



Distributor or distribution intermediary       Description
vending machine Used to buy small items such as chocolate or soft drinks, by paying with coins. Vending machines can be refrigerated to allow for the storage of perishable items, such as fresh fruit and sandwiches.  
franchise The franchisee buys the right to sell a company's products in a particular area using the company's name. McDonald's is a good example of a franchise.  
shops and stores A department store is a large shop that is divided into different sections, such as shoes, furniture and books. Each department sells different things. A corner shop is usually small, opens long hours (sometimes 24 hours a day), and sells everyday foods and goods to the local neighbourhood. A supermarket is larger and sells most types of food and goods needed in the home. A specialist shop sells goods that are useful for people with a certain interest or need. Examples are a cycling shop or a pharmacy.  

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