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Find retail expressions in exercise 1 a-f above to match to these general English expressions, as in the example.

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a. products goods

b. large storeroom __________

c. selection of (TVs) ________

d. shop ______

e. straight ________

f. middleman ____________

g. show ____________

h. people who make products ________

i. as many as they think they need ______

j. make products in large amounts ___________

k. buy __________

l. choose __________

m. keep them safe _________


Choose the most appropriate term.

1. We offer a … to customers who buy at a wholesale.

a. refund b. discount c. delivery

2. We ask customers who are not fully satisfied to … goods within seven days.

a. discount b. refund c. return

3. In order to get a full… , customers must send back goods in the original packaging.

a. discount b. refund c. return

4. Goods will be … within 24 hours of your order.

a. despatched b. purchased c. exchanged

5. Goods are kept in our … until ready for delivery.

a. stock b. storage c. warehouse

6. Products and services offered at a large discount are generally a(n) …

a. sale b. bargain c. offer


Read the definitions. Then supply the missing letters for each word.


something you buy cheaply or for less than the usual price a b_rg_ _n
a large building used for storing goods a w_r_h_ _s_
to send goods to a place to d_sp_tch
a formal word meaning to buy to p_rch_s_
to give someone their money back (e.g.. because they are not satisfied with what they have bought) to r_f_nd

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