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Use the terms in the box to complete the text.

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BAR CODEis an arrangement of numbers and parallel lines that are printed on products which shops sell. Computers can read the bar code.


When you pay for your goods at the supermarket ________________ they are passed over a laser, which reads the ______________ on the packaging. The sale of each item is recorded on the _____________ and the system automatically subtracts the items from total stock levels. The system can be used to check stock levels and the store’s takings at any time of the day.

6. Match each term in the box with a set of words in italics in the newspaper extract. Then write the number after the term.

chain stores _____

e-commerce ______

hypermarkets ______


mail order companies 1

specialist retailers ______

warehouses ______

cold calling ______

door-to-door selling ______

Internet service providers (ISPs) ______

mail order ______

telesales staff ________


(1) Companies which specialize in selling goods through a catalogue sent out through the post normally have (2) large buildings full of goods from where the goods are despatched.

(3) Going from one house to another, knocking on doors, is another type of sales operation. This type of work is normally paid on the basis of a (4) percentage of the sales achieved being paid to the seller. Another type of selling is by (5) a combination of catalogue and ordering by post. This may be complemented by (6) personnel who sell by telephone, trained to deal with customers’ calls. Another kind of telephone selling is through (7) telephoning someone who is not expecting your call but whom you think may buy your product. The idea is to get your potential customer to agree to buy your products or receive a home visit for a demonstartion.

(8) Large out-of-town stores selling a huge range of goods have had a serious effect on business for smaller, city center shops. (9) Small shops offering a personalised and highly specialized service can survive better than small shops which try to compete directly with the larger outlets and other (10) retail outlets owned by the same company and trading under the same name. In recent years (11) selling over the Internet has become much more common. Companies which want to trade over the Internet need access to the world wide web (WWW) which is provided by one of the (12) companies that provide access to the Net.


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