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51. Discuss the questions.

1. How are books and CD-ROMs different?

2. Have you ever used CD-ROMs to help you study?

3. Do you prefer them to books?


52. Match the parts of the CD-ROM with the information they provide.

a. The history of multimedia □

b. Education and entertainment □

c. What is multimedia? □

d. Business and industry □

1 Multimedia is any computer application that integrates text, graphics, animation, video, audio or other methods of communication. Multimedia is different from television, books or cassettes because it lets you interact with the application. You can click on a word to make a picture appear, or click on a picture to start a video.

2 Multimedia became more popular after the mid-1990s when the price of hardware began to fall. Then people started using it in industry, business, education, entertainment and for other purposes. Today, we can find multimedia at home, in school, at work, in public places, such as libraries, and on the Internet.

3 In business, advertisers use virtual reality in multimedia applications to advertise their products in three dimensions (3-D). Using multimedia for graphs and tables is now the best way for managers to present company results. In industry, pilots learn to fly using multimedia simulations of real situations, and scientists simulate experiments with dangerous chemicals in safety. Publishers are also producing interactive magazines, called e-zines, and e-books online.

4 In education, students study interactive CD-ROMs at their own speed and explore topics creatively by clicking on related links. Teenagers have played computer games for years, but many multimedia applications combine education and entertainment and they let them visit virtual worlds or change the ending of films.


53. Complete the sentences with one way these people use multimedia applications.

1. Advertisers _____

2. Managers _____

3. Pilots ______

4. Scientists _____

5. Publishers _____

6. Students _____

7. Teenagers _____

54. Match the first part of the sentence (1-5) with second part (a-e).

1. People like using multimedia

2. Multimedia combines

3. Most educational CD-ROMs

4. Prices of multimedia hardware

5. Students like learning about new topics

a. started falling around 1995.
b. using interactive multimedia.
c. many different ways of learning.
d. integrate audio, video and text.
e. because it is interactive.

55. Complete the sentences (1-6) with the words in the box.

Application, integrated, related, simulation, 3-D, virtual.

1. The image is in ____so you can look at it from all sides.

2. All the links in this e-zine are _____ to football.

3. This _____ makes you think you really are flying to the moon.

4. Some shopping websites use _____ reality to advertise their products online.

5. The application is _____because it combines many features.

6. Any program that carries out a specific task for a user is an _____ .

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