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Task 1. Comment on the use of the Subjunctive Mood in the sentences below.

1. If only I knew what to do in this most unpleasant situation!

2. Supposing the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do tonight?

3. I suggest we should put off the discussion till next week.

4. I wish everybody would be quiet. I can’t concentrate.

5. She would have got promoted last year if she hadn’t quarreled with the chief.

6. If she weren’t so shy, shy would make more friends.

7. I wish I were going on holiday with you.

8. It’s high time we left – we’ve been here too long.

9. I wish you had kept your mouth shut yesterday. Now my father knows everything,

10. It’s about time people took the problem of global warming seriously.


Task 2. Decide whether the following statements about the use of Subjunctive Mood are true or false. Correct the false statements. Use some examples from Task 1 to illustrate your answer.

1. The Subjunctive Mood is used in conditional sentences to express an unreal condition (in the subordinate clause) and an unreal consequence (in the principal clause)./T

2. The form were is used for all persons and shows that the action refers to the present or future./T

3. In object clauses after the verb to wish we can only use Past Indefinite or Past Perfect./F

4. After the idiomatic expression it’s time we use Past Indefinite or Past Perfect./F

5. In clauses of comparison introduced by the conjunctions as if, as though we find the form of the Pat Indefinite./T

6. The Past Indefinite is used to express unreality in the present, the Past Perfect has the same function in the past. /T

7. Should +infinitive is used after expressions of suggestion, order or decision./T

8. With the expressions of necessity or recommendation we use should followed by perfect or non-perfect infinitive./F

9. The modals can and may may be found in conditional sentences in the past or present form./F

10. To express a wish that cannot be fulfilled we use the verb in the Past Indefinite form./T

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