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C) Use the prompts below to act out similar dialogues.



XX. Make up your own dialogues describing your last visit to the doctor. Keep in mind the following points:


a) complaints on your health

(I’ve got a cold / a sore throat / a temperature / a stomach ache / chest pains, etc. I feel sick / dizzy / breathless / shivery / faint / particularly bad at night. I’m depressed / tired all the time. I’ve lost my appetite/ voice; I can’t sleep, my nose itches and it hurts me.)

b) the doctor’s questions

(1. What are you complaining of?

2. What’s the trouble? / What troubles you?

3. When did you take the temperature? What was it?

4. When did you start to feel bad?

5. Does it hurt when you swallow?

6. What diseases were you ill when you were a child?

7. When did you consult the doctor last?

8. Are you subject to headaches?

9. Where do you have pains? / Where exactly is the pain?

10. When do you have pains? / When do you get it?

11. How long have you been like that? /... does the pain last? /... have

you had it?

12. Do you have health insurance?

13. Are you taking any medication?

14. Have you ever had any operations?

15. Are you allergic to anything?)

c) the doctor’s activity

(test / take blood pressure, do X-ray, examine / feel the pulse do blood test, sound the chest / heart / lungs, remove tonsils, pull / take out a tooth, to operate, make / give an injection, write a prescription)

d) the doctor’s advice / prescription

(prescribe an injection, take medicine, apply the ointment / drops, rub the cream, wear glasses / contact lenses, stay from work, put a bandage/plaster on, have an operation, stay in bed for some time, keep warm, be on a sick list, take a hot water bottle / bag, consult a doctor

do blood transfusion, take more exercise, lie flat)


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