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Ex 7 Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs


(A) 1. It has been a hard fight — the child's life; the doctors have really won a victory — death. 2. The day his picture was exhibited was a turning point — his career. 3. Take the child — the hand when crossing the street. 4. If you aren't sure — the spelling, look the word — — the dictionary. 5. The children could hardly wait — the rain to stop to continue the interrupted game. 6. The first group — mountaineers failed — their attempt to reach the peak. — the past years the peak has been stormed several times. 7. Some pictures — modern painters should be looked — — a certain distance. 8. The hunter shot — the bird, but missed. 9. He promised to look — his old friends when he came — his home town. 10. Just look — the note! I'm sure she wrote it — a great hurry. 11. Don't hide the news — him, it will lead — no end of trouble if he finds — — it — somebody else. 12. The TV set was — — order, so I turned — the radio for the news. 13. The lake was — a distance — some three miles and we used to walk there every afternoon — exercise. 14. How do you expect him to say anything — or — the plan if he hasn't been told a word — it yet? 15. Why not ask her? She has been working as secretary — our director — nearly ten years and knows all there is to know — the affairs — the office. 16. The news — the arrival — the new teacher was all — the village in no time, going — one house — the next.




(B) It is generally believed that Robin Hood was a man who fought — a better life — poor people. How old the story — Robin Hood is nobody knows. The oldest ballads — him were written down after 1400. One — the ballads that comes — those distant times says that Robin Hood was a Yorkshireman. The ballad says:

"For he was a good outlaw

And did poor men much good."

Did such a Robin ever live? His name is first mentioned — Government documents — the 13th century.

So one can be sure that Robin did live and was something like the

man described — these early ballads.

He became such a popular hero that — many places there was a special Robin Hood's day, attended — thousands — people.

— the 16th century a writer Anthony Munday decided to make a nobleman — — Robin. Perhaps they thought that it was too dangerous — ordinary people to think that ordinary men could be heroes who tried to do "poor men much good".

Ex 8 Fill in the blanks with a suitable word. Use the correct form. Translate the sentences into Russian.


order v, n, fight v, mark v, lead v, allow (2), free, freedom, distance (3), event, attempt n (2), active


1. — of speech is one of the rights enjoyed by the Soviet people. 2. The flight of Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was an — which opened up a new chapter in the life of mankind. Since then, April 12 has been — in our country as Cosmonaut's Day. 3. We expect the youth of our country to take an — part in the construction of a new society. 4. Are the booklets —? I'd like to take home a few. 5. No one is — to speak out of order at our meetings. 6. Together with the others I watched the sportsman fail in his first two — and hoped with all my heart that he would be luckier in his third. 7. He stepped back and looked at the painting from a —. 8. Leukemia is a terrible illness, and man is only now learning to — it. 9. His business affairs are always in perfect —. 10. This year another — was made to reach the top of Mt Everest. The party was — by an Englishman. The expedition ended tragically: one of the climbers froze to death. 11. It was almost three o'clock when I at last finished writing my paper and was — to leave the examination room. 12. The nearest village is at a — of some four kilometres. 13. Though I feel perfectly all right, the doctor has — me to keep the bed for a couple of days more. 14. The traveller was tired and hungry and had almost lost all hope of getting anywhere before dark when he suddenly saw a light in the —.

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