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Match the definitions to the words


1. sophisticated a. To improve more or make more important
2. endeavour b. Architectural style, properly called “pointed”, that evolved in Europe
3. soaring c. A shape or structure with straight sights and a curved top. The curved top part is also called an arch
4. predominant d. Pier-like projection of brick, masonry, or other material, built either in close connection with a wall needing extra stability
5. attain e. to surround something or someone
5. elevate f. Something that someone does or says in order to show respect or admiration
7. homage g. Complicated and advanced in design
8. solid h. To rise or fly high in the sky
9. enclose i. Strong enough not to break or become damaged easily
10. incorporate j. to try very hard to do something
11. venture k. To succeed in achieving something that involves a lot of effort
12. Gothic l. To add or include something as a part of something
13. Buttresses m. Most important or powerful
14. arch n. To be brave enough to say something
15. pointed o. type of arch


Milan Cathedral

Task VI.

Answer the questions.


1. Why is the Romanesque style called so?

2. What are the main features of Romanesque buildings?

3. What is the easiest difference between the Romanesque and Gothic styles?

4. What did the 12th century mark in architecture?

5. What is the main aim of Gothic architecture?

6. What did the Rheims Cathedral illustrate?

7. What other famous cathedrals of Gothic style do you know?

Task VII.

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