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I'm in my third year of the Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty at the Bratsk State University. Our faculty was founded in 1997. At present students study here. I must say that I'm very interested in the subjects which I have chosen of all humanities as my future specialty. History was my favorite subject at school. I was fond of reading historical novels describing life, culture and political events in different countries of the world. It was shortly before leaving school that I made up my mind to enter this faculty and take up History seriously as my future profession.

History (from Greek ‘historia’) is a process of developing nature and society. History as a science studies the past of mankind in all its variety and concreteness. “Historia est magistra vitae”, said an ancient philosopher.

There are many historical subjects in our programme: Ancient History, the Middle Ages, Russian and Regional History, Modern and Contemporary History, etc.

History interests me as a science because it helps people understand and explain the processes going on in various aspects of human life. It also helps people foresee the course of events in future. But it is impossible to study any particular period of history if one doesn't know a lot about what preceded it and what came after it.

Historians study and describe the historic events taking place in different epochs and in different countries. Their descriptions and analyses should be strictly objective and scientific.

If we look at the historic past we can see that the entire history of human society is that of wars and struggle for power, as well as people's revolts for better life and freedom. Wars in different times and in different countries, except just ones, were waged with the purpose of conquering other lands and peoples, with making profits on the resources of oppressed nations.

Since World War II a lot has been done by peace-loving nations to save the world from a new global catastrophe. But nobody managed to prevent local wars unleashed in different parts of the planet and taking away thousands of people's lives. Peace and peaceful co-existence remain the key problem of our epoch.

The profession of a historian is quite diversified. The graduates of our Faculty can work as teachers and research workers at secondary and higher schools, different museums and archives. Many of them have become scientists or have chosen public activity as their career.

Whether I shall make a good teacher or become successful in some other field of social life remains to be seen. But I'm sure that my knowledge received at the University will help me succeed in my future work.


Ответьте на вопросы.


1) What faculty and year are you in?

2) What period of World History do you study this year?

3) Why do wars and revolts occupy a considerable place in human society?

4) What does history as a science study?

5) Why are you interested in history and what period attracts you most?

6) Have you already chosen the theme of your diploma work?

7) What historic period will it deal with?

8) Where would you like to work after graduating from the University?


4. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих выражений:

романы, описывающие жизнь, культуру и политические события; поступать на этот факультет; будущая профессия; процесс развития; исторические события, происходящие в различные периоды времени и в различных странах; миролюбивые народы; предотвращать внутренние войны; выпускники нашего факультета; главная задача нашего времени.


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