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I’m a second-year student of the Bratsk State University. I study at the Law Faculty. In three years I’ll graduate from the University and become a professional lawyer. To be a highly-qualified specialist in his field one must know much. So at the University we are taught various general and special subjects: Philosophy, Sociology, Foreign Languages, Roman Law, Labour Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, the Theory of State and Law and many others. Besides I should study a lot of additional literature. After two years of studying general subjects specialization begins.

I should also say that our faculty provides all necessary conditions for developing the students’ creative activity. Many students of our department are engaged in scientific work. The themes of the students’ research reflect the wide range of their interests. The graduates of our faculty may continue their studies taking the post-graduate courses if they have a desire to become scientists.

As you know, in our country justice is exercised on the principles of equality of citizens before the law and the court, regardless of social position, property and official standing, nationality and race. All people before the court are presumed innocent, until the court, having observed all procedural guarantees, finds them guilty.

The profession of a lawyer is quite diversified. Lawyers have to solve many problems that still exist in our society. The graduates of our faculty can work as investigators, judges, defence councels, legal consultants. The duty of lawyers is not only to punish people for various crimes: hooliganism, stealing, murder, traffic violation etc. They must do their best to prevent crimes, to fight against evil in our society. The lawyers protect the rights and legal interests of citizens, institutions and organizations. I think that now the profession of a lawyer is one of the most important in the law-governed state.


3. Найдите в тексте русские эквиваленты следующих слов и выражений:

additional literature, the law-governed state, to fight against evil, scientific work, traffic violations, still exist, Civil Law, a highly-qualified specialist, stealing, to solve, legal interests, social position, to prevent crimes, society, property, all procedural guarantees, all necessary conditions, a professional lawyer, a desire to become a scientist.


4. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих слов и выражений:

независимо от, обязанность юристов, специализация, занимаются научной работой, правосудие, адвокат, законные интересы граждан, римское право, профессиональный юрист, наказывать, виновный, невиновный, следователь, широкий круг, защищать права, преступление, юридический факультет, делать все возможное, теория государства и права.


5. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

1. What faculty do you study at?

2. What’s your future profession?

3. What subjects are you taught at the University?

4. When does specialization begin?

5. In what ways do the students develop their creative activity?

6. On what principles is justice exercised in our country?

7. What can the graduates of your faculty work as?

8. What is the duty of lawyers?

9. What does the term “the presumption of innocence” mean?

10. Why is your future profession considered to be one of the most important in the law-governed state?

6. Пользуясь словарем, определите значения следующих фразовых глаголов и используйте их по смыслу в тексте вместо слов, данных в скобках:

Make off – get away with – break into – hand over – give up – hold up – make for

Yesterday, the robbers 1 ….. (forced an entry into) the National Midland Bank in the High Street soon after closing time. They 2 ….. (threatened with guns) the stuff, and forced the manager to 3 ….. (give them) £ 50.000 in cash. The robbers ran out of the bank and 4 ….. (escaped) in a stolen car, and were last seen 5 ….. (going in the direction of) the London Road. Police have warned the public that these men are very dangerous, and are unlikely to 6 ….. (surrender) without a fight. Said Chief Inspector Ralph Smith: “We’re sure that we’ll catch them soon. They won’t 7 ….. (avoid punishment for) it”.


7. Переведите следующие однокоренные слова и определите, к какой части речи они относятся:

  • to accuse – accused – accuser – accusal – accusant – accusational – accusation;
  • to examine – examination – examinator – examining – examined – examinable;
  • to interrogate – interrogation – interrogator – interrogatory;
  • to investigate – investigator – investigation;
  • to prosecute – prosecutor – prosecution – prosecuting – prosecutable – prosecutive;
  • to suspect – suspect – suspected – suspicion – suspicious – suspiciously;
  • to witness – witness – witnessing.


8. Разделите текст «My Future Profession» на логические части и озаглавьте их.

Прочитайте тексты и ответьте на вопросы.

а) 1. Why are police officers sometimes called “bobbies”?

2. What does “pounding the beat” mean?


The British police officer – sometimes called the “bobby” after Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the police force – is a well-known figure to anyone who has visited Britain or has seen British films. Policemen – and women – are to be seen in towns and cities keeping law and order, either walking in the streets (“pounding the beat”) or driving in cars (known as “panda cars” because their distinctive markings). Few people realize, however, that the police in Britain are organized very differently from many other countries.


б) 1. What is the lowest professional rank in the British police?

2. What training should police officers get?


All members of the police must have gained a certain level of academic qualifications at school and undergone a period of intensive training. Like the army, there are a number of ranks: after the Chief Constable comes the Assistant Chief Constable, Chief Superintendent, Chief Inspector, Sergeant and Constable. Women make up about 10 per cent of the police force. The police are helped by a number of Special Constables – members of the public who work for the police voluntarily for a few hours a week.

10. Перескажите текст «My Future Speciality».

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