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Task II. Match left and right


1) технические характеристики a. trace detection equipment
2) испытание устройства b. identical user-interface
3) пропускная способность c. successful activities
4) просвечивание багажа d. aviation security
5) в режиме реального времени e. throughput
6) успешная деятельность f. carry-on baggage inspection
7) обеспечение безопасности авиапассажиров g. extensive testing
8) оборудование на обнаружение следов взрывчатых веществ h.baggage screening
9) идентичный интерфейс пользователя i. in real-time
10) контроль ручной клади j. operational features


Task III. Explain the meaning of the following:

Security operatives; provencheckpoint measures;critical security areas; customer evaluation.


Task IV. Answer the questions.

1. What does the new X-ray inspection system automatically detect?

2. Where is HI-SCAN 6040aTiX currently used?

3. What is the HI-SCAN 6040aTiX pre-production prototype now undergoing?

Task V. Rewrite the sentences below translating the Russian parts into English.

1. The 6040aTiX is a мульти-проекционная система, состоящая из нескольких рентгеногенераторов that automatically detects and pinpoints взрывчатые вещества in ручная кладь in real-time.

2. It actively assists оперативные сотрудники таможни with superior screening procedures без ущерба для обычной системы контроля, проводимой на пунктах пропуска.

3. The HI-SCAN 6040aTiX pre-production prototype is now undergoing extensive testing and оценка со стороны пассажиров.

4. The system will help increase пропускная способность and actively assists by обнаружение explosives during the inspection process.

5. Smiths Detection is the world’s ведущий поставщик of X-ray and оборудование на обнаружение следов взрывчатых веществ.

Text 2

Smiths Detection supplies Port of Marseille with new mobile X-ray inspection system - New HCV-Mobile


Task I. Read the following text and make sure that you have a good general idea of what it is about. If you don’t know any words look them up in the dictionary.

Paris, France, 3 March 2004 - Smiths Detection has received an order from the French Port of Marseille (PAM) for an HCV-Mobile X-ray inspection solution from the Heimann Cargo Vision product range. This new HCV-Mobile system will reinforce already established security measures by providing enhanced access control and computerized follow-ups of freight goods, thus completing the port’s CSI-compliance. PAM is the largest port in France, also ranking number one in the Mediterranean, and third largest petroleum port worldwide.
The Port of Marseille purchased the HCV-Mobile along with a review image workstation for X-ray analysis purposes plus one check-in workstation for the registration of container and truck data.
Upon delivery in September of this year, the system will be operated by French Customs at Pam’s Marseille Fos Terminal and primarily be used for the detection of weapons, narcotics and contraband in inbound and outbound freight.
Due to the tragic events of September 11th 2001, US Customs has developed the supply chain program Container Security Initiative (CSI) to insure that container transports are not exploited for terrorist purposes. CSI is based on an agreement between the national Customs administration, the seaport in question and US customs. CSI certification gives facilitated treatment on imports to the United States.
This order follows previous similar international projects related to the application of HCV systems, for instance installed at the Port of Le Havre, in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Senegal, Mexico, Togo and Tanzania.
The Technology

The HCV-Mobile facilitates a thorough inspection of stationary vehicles or loads while moving the mobile system. The HCV-Mobile distinguishes itself by unique flexibility. Being a vehicle-mounted device, it is ready to operate anywhere in less than 30 minutes and can inspect up to 30 trucks per hour. Its image resolution capability indicates smuggled goods, weapons and drugs in detail. It is perfectly suited for easy customs document verification.
The HCV-Mobile is the most efficient high-energy mobile system available (4MeV – up to 270 mm steel penetration) for the inspection of fully loaded trucks, vehicles and containers at ports, customs and border checkpoints. Based on feedback collected from users and operators working with the previous generation of HCV-Mobiles, further improvements have been made in ergonomics[1], flexibility and ease of use.
Due to its high throughput capability, the HCV-Mobile grants secured shipment without disrupting the flow of goods. It reliably contributes to the ongoing efforts in the global war on terrorism.



1. Heimann Cargo Vision Mobile (HCV-Mobile) – инспекционно-досмотровый комплекс (ИДК), произведённый компанией Smiths Heimann;

2. Smiths Heimann Gmbh – основана в 1946 г, осуществляет свою деятельность на международной основе. Более 50 лет производит рентгеновские инспекционные системы, внедряя новые стандарты. Благодаря опыту и знаниям, является общепринятым мировым лидером в своей отрасли;

3. enhanced access control – повышенный уровень качества досмотра;

4. …up to 270 mm steel penetration – проникающая способность по стали до 270 мм;

5. Container Security Initiative (CSI) – американская программа безопасности контейнерных перевозок (реализуется с 2002 г.).


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