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I. Choose the correct answer

Доверь свою работу кандидату наук!
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

1. Paula has given up…

a) to smoke b) smoking c) smoke

2. I promised…in time.

a) to come b) having come c) come

3.1 saw him yesterday. He seems…weight.

a) losing b) to have lost c) lose

4.1 don't enjoy…very much.

a) dance b) danced c) dancing

5. It was funny. I couldn't help…

a) laughing b) laugh c) to laugh

6. Would you mind… the door, please?

a) close b) closing c) closed


7. He is very good at…..

a) to learn b) learn c) learning

8. He is used …alone.

a) having lived b) to live c) to living

9. David insisted on…for the meal.

a) to pay b) pay c) paying

10. It is no use…about it.

a) worrying b) worry

you last week. c) having seen

11. Ann was surprised…

a) see b) to see

12. Did you notice anyone…?

a) to go out b) go out c) went out


13.She was busy…the garden.

a) working b) to work c) to be working

14. I don’t enjoy…

a) driving b) drive c) drove

15. His mother made him______ the room.

a) to clean b) cleaning c) clean

16. Has it stopped…yet?

a) rain b) to rain c) raining

17 Can you remind me…some coffee?

a) to buy b) buy c) having bought

18 Why do you keep…me questions?

a) being asked b) asked c) asking


19 I refuse…his questions.

a) to answer b) answer c) having answered

20. The girl began… at night.

a) cry b) to cry c) having cried


II. Match:

делать выбор (1) gut feeing (a)

брать на себя ответственность (2) trust instincts (b)

когда что-нибудь не ладится (3) predict the future (c)

передумать (4) make a choice (d)

аргументы «за» и «против» (5) take responsibility (e)

внутренний голос (6) when things go wrong (f)

предсказывать будущее (7) change one’s mind (g)

полагаться на интуицию (8) affect smth.(h)

влиять на (9) pros and cons (i)

III. Fill in prepositions if necessary:

to have something _1_ lunch; to invite someone _2_ lunch; to choose _3 the red or the black jacket; to make _4_ one’s mind; the difference _5 a tuna or chicken sandwich; a long-term impact _6_ your life; to turn _7_ to be a nightmare; to congratulate someone 8_ his/her birthday; trust _9_ your friends; rely_10_ friends; to be keen __11_ something.




GRAMMAR: Gerund or Participle?


Spoken Etiquette

Changing the subject of conversation

Just to change the subject.

While I remember.

Before I forget.

By the way...

I think we ought to move on to...

That's beside the point!

Verifying the information

Do you mean to say that...?

Is it true that...?

Do you really mean that…?

Are you sure, that...?

Am I right to understand that…?

Asking to say again

I'm sorry; I didn't catch (get it).

Would (Could) you repeat it once again?

Sorry, what did you say?

Pardon, I didn't hear.

I couldn’t hear what you said.

Checking understanding

Do you understand (get it)?

Is it clear?

Do you see what I mean?

Do you see what I’m driving at?

Get it?

Got it?

Are you with me?

D’you see?



Read and act out the dialogues. Make up dialogues of your own.


– By the way, have you bought the book I recommended you last time?

- I have, but I’m not sure it’s just what I need.

- Do you mean to say that you haven’t found all necessary information there?

- I’m afraid so. It’s a popular book and I need a serious scientific investigation. Do you see what I mean?


- Am I right to understand that you are ready to help my brother with mathematics?

- Yes, I am, but are you sure I can really do it? I’m a newly born teacher and you may probably need an experienced professional.


- Before I forget.Could I ask you to translate this article for me?

- I’m very sorry but I can’t. I’m so busy translating for the Trade Union congress.


- While I remember, how about visiting the university English language club tonight?

- That sounds a nice idea! By the way, is it true that Indian students are going to show their national dances?

- They say so. I’m crazy about Indian dances and songs.


- Would you, please, turn off the radio?

- Sorry, what did you say?

- Would you turn off the radio, please?

- I'd rather not. I’m going to listen to the latest news.


2. Complete the dialogues:


- Do you mean to say that Robert is your immediate boss?

– …

– Really? And when did he retire?

– …



- While I remember, don’t forget about your promise to help Bob.

- …

- Do you mean to say that now I have to do it?

- …


- Pardon, I didn't hear what you said. Could you repeat it once again?

- …

- Oh dear! I have missed it!



3. What sort of personality do you have? For each pair of boxes below, tick the ones you feel best reflect your personality.

Extroversion prefers action energized by what is going on focus on world around them Introversion prefers ideas energized by quite reflection focus on inner world


Sensing interested in facts emphasis on what will work adopts step by step approach Intuition interested in possibilities good at making links in problems solving likes new projects


Thinking analyses impersonally counts the cost of strategies sticks to ground-rules and principles Feeling analyses personally weighs up alternatives as to how deeply felt they are sticks to values and how people feel


Judging decisive orderly controlling Perceiving flexible spontaneous understanding


5. Now compare your personality profile with a partner’s. In what ways are you different? (Work in pairs. Try to use as many etiquette phrases as possible).

6. Have you ever been a part of a team? Tell your partner what you learned from the experience. (Work in pairs. Try to use as many etiquette phrases as possible).

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