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Do all the research you need

If you want to move out of home, work out exactly how much it will cost before taking such a
big step.

•What's your gut feeling?

Maybe you're desperate to study drama but your parents are keen on Business Studies. Remember, you know yourself best.

• Set yourself a time limit.

If you are choosing which film to see, give yourself five minutes; if you're deciding whether to go travelling, set a deadline and stick to it.

• Be firm

Once you've made your choice, tell people about it and stick to it. Decisive people command respect because they say they're going to do something and they do it.

• Don't look back

Put all your energy into planning your choice. That way you'll forget there was ever another option. Don't waste time picturing what might have been if you'd taken a different path.

6. • Once you've made a decision, it can never be altered.

Many of us live with the notion that any big decision we make is set in concrete -that we only get one opportunity and if we get it wrong, we'll be a failure. Of course, this isn't true. If you go in one direction and hate it, change.

• There's no hurry.

The sooner you make a decision, the better. Don't wait until three days before the holidays to choose a destination, then be panicked into going somewhere you don't want.

• This is the biggest decision of your life.'

If you believe this, you will be paralysed with indecision. Most choices seem crucial when you're making them, but remember - no one decision is going to affect you for ever.


Exercise 2. Find in the text synonyms to the following words:

1. decide

2. to tremble, be confused and indecisive

1. influence (a noun)

2. influence (a verb)

3. reasonable

4. grown-up

5. the result

6. financial trouble

7. to break to pieces

8. to get (have) respect

9. another choice

10. to change

11. to get a chance

Exercise 3. Explain the meaning:

a life’s ditherer; a long-term impact; backpacking; to take responsibility for the consequences; a list of pros and cons; a nightmare; gut feelings; a battered car; to move out of home; to set a deadline; to waste time; to be a failure; to be panicked into something; a destination

Exercise 4. Fill in prepositions:

Make … your mind, the difference … having a tuna or chicken sandwich,

to have a long-term impact … your life, it’s not the right choice … you,

to make your own mind … , to do a lot … our decision-making … us,

to grow … , to seek advice … everyone, to end … horribly confused, to get involved … a financial and emotional mess, to spend your money … an old car, to fall … bits, to go … for years, to have a reputation … being indecisive, they appear … of control, to make a decision and move … .


Exercise 5.Make a Russian translation of the article “Decisions, Decisions


Exercise 6. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-H for each part (1-6) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A. Any decision is better than none

B. It’s not up to anyone else

C. Admit it when you’ve made the wrong choice

A.Fear of what may result

D. False beliefs

E. Follow your own judgments

F. The best approach

G. Everyone has to make decisions


Exercise 7. Questions for discussion:

1. What does the expression “taking responsibility for oneself” mean to you?

2. Why can some people become indecisive?

3. How do they usually behave?

4. Do decisive people really always command respect?

5. Is it amusing to have a reputation of an indecisive person?

6. Who to your mind are more indecisive men or women?

7. What are the main rules for the people who want to become more decisive?


Exercise 8. Translate from Russian into English and from English into Russian:

A: Я уважаю решительных людей, Мне кажется, на них можно положиться, они всегда знают, чего хотят.

В:You are right. Indecisive people lack personal power because they appear unreliable, out of control and even selfish. If you are always causing people trouble because you change your mind at the last minute, you’ll seem unreliable.

A: Решительные люди успешны, потому что они принимают решение и действуют, и если что-то идет не по плану, они все равно стараются извлечь из этого максимальную выгоду.

В: As for indecisive people, some of them think that it’s amusing to have a reputation for being indecisive, but eventually they will drive others mad.


Exercise 9. Translate into English:

Если ты хочешь стать более решительным человеком, запомни 8 простых правил:

1) прежде чем принять решение, продумай все до мелочей;

2) доверься своему внутреннему голосу, помни, что ты знаешь себя лучше, чем другие;

3) установи для себя временной предел и придерживайся его;

4) будь твердым, приняв решение, исполняй его;

5) не оглядывайся назад, не теряй времени, мысленно рисуя, что могло бы быть, если бы ты принял иное решение;

6) помни, что неверное решение можно изменить;

7) не тяни с решением до последней минуты, иначе совершишь ошибку;

8) никогда не думай, что решение, которое ты принимаешь, величайшее в твоей жизни. Любой выбор кажется нам решающим в момент, когда мы его совершаем, однако последствия его не будут длиться вечно.

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