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IV. Fill in the blanks, using active word from the texts

Доверь свою работу кандидату наук!
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

1. Leaning forward slightly will … a person to continue talking with you.

2. … on … with colleagues, as anyone who works in an office knows, is a vital element in our working lives.

3. Another approach to resolving interpersonal conflicts is increasing the amount of communication between those involved, so that each side comes to understand and … the other more.

4. Be cooperative with regard to the shared physical working … .

5. … compliments and debts no matter how small they are.

6. Respect each other’s … .





GRAMMAR: How to express obligation?


Spoken Etiquette

Asking about opinion

What do you feel about...?

What do you think about...?

What's your opinion of...?

How do you see...?

How would you react to...?

Do you have any particular views on?

Giving opinion

To tell the truth …

Frankly speaking …

I think that...

I believe that...

I guess …

As I understand it...

In my view...

In my opinion...

As far as I know...

As I see it...

To my mind ...

I consider that ...

It's my feeling that ...

From where I stand...

Agreeing / Disagreeing

That's quite right.

That's true.

Exactly so!

I'm with you there.

I'm of the same opinion

I absolutely agree with...

I don't agree with you.


Not really.

I'm not sure, in fact.

That's wrong!

I don't think that's right.

I don't see why...

Read and act out the dialogues. Make up dialogues of your own.


-What do you feel about going to the mountains for the coming weekend?

- Frankly speaking I don’t like this idea. I’d rather stay at home and have a quiet rest with an interesting book.


- What’s your opinion of Tom’s composition?

- I guess his father helped him with it.

- I’m not sure in fact. Tom is rather good at writing compositions. Do you remember his wonderful essay on the types of national characters?

- I do. In fact it was his father who wrote that essay.


- It’s my feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

- Then I don’t see why not leave the place right now.


3. Complete the dialogues:


- How would you react to an offensive remark?

- …

- I don’t think that’s right. I’d rather forgive the offender.


- How do you see your future?

- …

- I absolutely agree with you. I also think it will be fantastic if we work hard for it.


- Do you have any particular views on you future family life?

- …

- Nonsense! In my opinion everyone should have a family of his own.

4. Give your opinions on the statements below:

1. It is important to think carefully before you set off into something new.

2. Before you begin to think of specific projects, never let your imagination fly beyond the here and now.

5. The time for assessing real possibilities will come later, when the various options can be considered in a systematic way.

6. Don't let lack of money, time or qualifications stand in the way of your fantasies.

7. Old habits die hard.

8. Imagining the impossible is a waste of time.


5. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1.Your fantasy life offers an opportunity to consider your ideal life as a whole.

2. Whichever topic for your fantasy you choose, put in as many of the particulars as you can so that the fantasy becomes a full picture.

3. Knowing that you want to make a change in our lives is the easy bit - deciding what to do and how to do it is more difficult.

4. We must learn to take our dreams seriously and to trust our abilities

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