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Their secrets revealed

Exercise 1. Read and translate the text, find equivalents to the following Russian words and expressions:

1. пахнуть (свежевыпеченным хлебом)

2.скрытые уловки

3.получать прибыль на чем-то

4.делать что-то не спеша

5.в наши дни

6.манящий, соблазнительный

7.рассчитывать на…

8.розничная торговля

9.нагонять аппетит

10.предметы первой необходимости

11.товары по сниженным ценам

12.создавать имидж

13.раскрыть секрет

14.подводить итог, подсчитывать



Have you ever wondered why some

Fresh start

stores smell of fresh bread or why some play music and others don't? We asked the experts at Super Marketing magazine to explain some of the hidden tricks of the trade.

'Why are the fresh fruit and vegetables usually at the entrance to the store? It's always crowded, and they get squashed if I have to load heavy cans and packets on top.'

It's simply because supermarkets make a high profit on fresh fruit and vegetables, and they have discovered they sell more of them if they're near the entrance. According to research carried out by supermarkets, customers prefer fresh goods to come first. Maybe it's because many of us arrive at the store concentrating on the kinds of fruit and vegetable we need. Once we've got that out of the way, we can relax and do the rest of the shopping at leisure. Another reason is that if we see fresh goods first, the sight and smell of all those rosy apples and glossy aborigines give a 'feel good' impression of freshness and quality which we carry around the store.


B. On the scent

Nowadays, trolleys should have a separate compartment where you can place fruit and vegetables so they don't get squashed.

'Do they have to pipe smells of freshly baked bread around stores? I always end up buying an extra loaf or cake because the smell is just so tempting.'

That's what the store is counting on! It's well-known in the retail food industry that smell is the most powerful of human senses when it comes to influencing our choice of where we shop and what we

buy. For years, some stores have been piping smells of freshly baked bread and real coffee through the air-conditioning to get appetites going. But this may be counterproductive, the retail consultants Retail Dynamics point out: 'If you are doing your shopping at lunch or dinner­time, when you are already hungry, the smell of baking may send you straight to the bread counter and then out of the store so you can eat quickly.'

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