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The Governments represented at the United Nations Con­ference on International Organization in the city of San Francisco,

Having determined that an international organization to be known as the United Nations shall be established,

Having this day signed the Charter of the United Na­tions, and

Having decided that, pending the coming into force of the Charter and the establishment of the United Nations as provided in the Charter, a Preparatory Commission of the United Nations should be established for the performance of certain functions and duties,

Agree as follows:

1. There is hereby established a Preparatory Commission
of the United Nations for the purpose of making provisional
arrangements for the first sessions of the General Assembly,
the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and
the Trusteeship Council, for the establishment of the Secre­
tariat, and for the convening of the International Court of

2. The Commission shall consist of one representative
from each government signatory to the Charter. The Com-

mission shall establish its own rules of procedure. The func­tions and powers of the Commission, when the Commission is not in session, shall be exercised by an Executive Committee composed of the representatives of those governments now represented on the Executive Committee of the Conference. The Executive Committee shall appoint such committees as may be necessary to facilitate its work, and shall make use of persons of special knowledge and experience.

3. The Commission shall be assisted by an Executive
Secretary, who shall exercise such powers and perform such
duties as the Commission may determine, and by such staff
as may be required. This staff shall be composed so
far as possible of officials appointed for this purpose by the
participating governments on the invitation of the Executive

4. The Commission shall:

a. convoke the General Assembly in its first session;

b. prepare the provisional agenda for the first sessions of
the principal organs of the Organization, and prepare docu­
ments and recommendations relating to all matters on these

с formulate recommendations concerning the possible transfer of certain functions, activities, and assets of the League of Nations which it may be considered desirable for the new Organization to take over on terms to be arranged;

d. examine the problems involved in the establishment of
the relationship between specialized intergovernmental orga­
nizations and agencies and the Organization;

e. issue invitations for the nomination of candidates for
the International Court of Justice in accordance with the
provision of the Statute of the Court;

f. prepare recommendations concerning arrangements for
the Secretariat of the Organization; and

g. make studies and prepare recommendations concerning
the location of the permanent headquarters of the Organiza­

5. The expenses incurred by the Commission and the
expenses incidental to the convening of the first meeting of
the Genera] Assembly shall be met by the Government of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or,
if the Commission so requests, shared by other governments.

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